Abaco Taxis

Taxis are available on Great Abaco, but not many other places in the Abacos

Not every island in the Abaco Islands has taxis available to guests, but those that do like Great Abaco are known for their courteous nature, local knowledge, and reasonable fares. For the most part, the taxis you'll encounter in the Abaco Islands will be mini-vans, rather than the standard five-passenger sedan.

Taxi Companies

... a great choice for island tours...


Taxis are typically available in the most popular tourist areas, however, if you can't find one on the street, you can call the taxi stand or one of the local companies and have someone pick you up.

Be on the lookout for taxis with a “Bahamashost” decal posted in the front window. This means that driver has been through a hospitality and tourism course offered by the Ministry of Tourism. Aside from being especially courteous, these drivers are a great choice for island tours.

View the following chart to contact local taxis if you are in need of a taxi.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location Island
A&W Travel Service (242) 365-6048 Man of War Cay Man of War Cay
Cliff McIntosh Taxi (242) 365-0591 Great Abaco Great Abaco
Drexel Taxi (242) 365-8397 Great Abaco Great Abaco
Gordon Murray Taxi (242) 365-8096 Great Abaco Great Abaco
Jenson Duncombe (242) 365-0161 Abaco - Great Abaco Great Abaco
Knowles Taxi Service (242) 359-6270 Marsh Harbour Great Abaco
Papa Lous Taxi (242) 357-6980 Marsh Harbour Great Abaco
Sidney Hart Taxi (242) 365-8572 Abaco - Great Abaco Great Abaco
Treasure Cay Taxi Stand (242) 265-8661 Treasure Cay Airfield - 24.2 mi. (38.9 km) Northwest of Marsh Harbour Great Abaco

Rates, Fares, and Fees

In the Bahamas, all taxis are required to have working meters despite the fact that rates are set by the government based upon departure and arrival points on a particular island. In Abaco, almost every driver uses the set rate system, so meters are pretty much obsolete. If a meter is in working order, you can expect to spend $3 base for two passengers, then an additional $0.40(USD) per mile driven. Each additional passenger will cost another $3(USD), except for children under the age of five who are accompanied by an adult.

Additional charges to be aware of include luggage fees, which cost between $0.75 and $1 per bag after the first two free bags, and $0.30(USD) for each minute a taxi has to wait on you to run an errand unless you have hired them by the hour.

If you'd like to hire a taxi to take you around and show you the sites, expect to spend $45(USD) an hour for five guests or less. Each additional half hour will be another $22.50(USD).

If you decide to skip renting a car during your stay in the Abacos, taxis can be a great way to fill the gaps between sailing, hotel provided shuttles, and hoofing it. Make sure to bring enough cash to pay your fare plus a little extra for a tip, and you should have no problems using this service regularly.


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