Food Options for Guests staying at The BlackFly Lodge

When vacationing in the Bahamas, trying a national dish or two makes for an authentic vacation experience.

The BlackFly Lodge has one restaurant of its own, offering a convenient dining option for those staying at the lodge.

The BlackFly Lodge owns a farm not far from the lodge itself. From there, they harvest all the ingredients used in the fine cuisine prepared by Chef Devon Roker. Made-to-order breakfast is served with coffee, latte, or espresso made by lodge staff. The kitchen also surprises guests daily with new and unique lunch options. Locally caught seafood and organic ingredients make for an amazing dinner. You might find that delicious lobster or conch are offered.

There is also a bar area within the lodge, known as the BlackFly Bar. Here you will find an open bar to wind down after a long day of fishing, sharing stories with other guests. Certain brands of liquor may come at an extra expense, but for the most part, the bar offers free drinks. Highlight items of the bar include local beers and premium rum.

The BlackFly Lodge features an on-site bar where patrons can sit back and enjoy a tropical cocktail.

Vacations at The BlackFly Lodge are all-inclusive, which means dining is likely included in the price, so guests can choose to have all of their meals at the lodge if they wish.


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