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How We Are Different

Comprehensive: Caribya! provides detailed coverage of the entire region – from the largest islands to the smallest cays, from the busiest tourism hot spots to the quietest villages deep in the rain forest.

Easy to use: Topics are beautifully organized and thoroughly cross-linked, making it easy to find the exact information you need, and helping you explore even obscure topics in surprising detail.

Unbiased: We strive to include all of the businesses and attractions in each area, and we don't publish sponsored articles or “advertorials.”

The Bahamas Weather

Benefits We Provide

Deciding when to go: With hundreds of detailed articles describing the weather and typical temperature, rain and storm patterns for every major destination in the region, as well as local events and festivals and other factors to consider, Caribya! makes it easy to decide when to visit.

...Caribya! makes it easy...

Choosing a destination: With exhaustive coverage of more than 200 destinations, Caribya! makes it easy to find the one that's perfect for you – and our short cuts to “similar areas” help you quickly compare different areas and discover new possibilities.

Deciding where to stay: With information on more than 250 B&B's and guest houses, 650 condominiums and villa complexes, 220 eco-lodges, 2,500 hotels, 850 resorts and 3,700 rental houses (individual villas), Caribya! makes it easy to find the perfect place to stay.

Choosing your flight: With detailed information on more than 200 airports and dozens of regional airlines and air charter operators, Caribya! helps you discover options that aren't found on the major online booking sites.

Deciding what to pack: Whether you're going for a weekend or a month, Caribya! makes it easy to pack what's essential and leave behind what's inappropriate or offensive to the local culture.

Aruba Taxis

Choosing your transportation: With typical rates and contact information for more than 1,250 local rental car offices, 630 taxi companies, and 220 ferry routes, Caribya! helps you to decide how to get around.

Pursuing your interests: With more than 1,430 beaches, 240 bike and moped rental agencies, 60 botanical gardens, 180 casinos and other gambling venues, 1,180 dive sites, 100 fishing charter operators, 150 golf courses, 350 marinas, 220 museums, 1,900 parks and other nature attractions, 320 spas and much more, Caribya! makes it easy to plan your vacation around your favorite activities and interests.

...authoritative, thoroughly researched articles...

Deciding where to eat: With detailed information on more than 7,340 restaurants and basic listings for 3,800 others, Caribya! makes it easy to decide where to eat – close to your accommodations, close to attractions and beaches you'll be visiting, or serving the food you like best.

Planning your wedding: Planning your big day? Caribya! makes it easy with detailed, fact-filled articles explaining the ins and outs of getting married in each of the Caribbean nations, including legal requirements, local traditions, suggested venues, budgetary tips, and important reminders.

Jamaican Culture

Learning about the region's culture, history and more: Caribya! makes it easy to learn about this fascinating region, with authoritative, thoroughly researched articles encompassing hundreds of different topics, from the history of Colonialism and pirates to the founding of modern nations, musical styles from Calypso to Ska, food specialties from Callaloo to Sour Sop, religious traditions from Catholicism to Rastafarianism, and much more.

About Our Star Ratings

We rate accommodations on a range from one to five stars. Our ratings are simply opinions developed by Caribya! for the convenience of our users. They should not be misinterpreted as being the result of a government or industry-certified review process.

Puerto Rico All Inclusives

Since we are unable to personally visit all of the properties we rate, we make no attempt to evaluate the quality of service provided by the staff at each property. Instead, we focus on the bed linens, furnishings, swimming pools, landscaping and overall ambiance of each property, carefully reviewing photographs of each property in comparison with other properties in the Caribbean region.

Where few photographs are available, or the photographs are ambiguous, we try to be conservative -- which might be one reason why our ratings are sometimes much lower than what you'll find on other sites. Unlike some other sites, where nearly every property seems to be rated near the top of the scale, our ratings largely follow a normal curve. In most destinations there are very few properties rated below one and a half stars or above four stars.

We strive to be fair and unbiased in the rating process, but we sometimes miss the mark. We welcome feedback from the owners of the properties as well as local residents and guests who are familiar with specific properties. If you think one of our ratings is too high or too low, please contact us to let us know about your concern, and we'll be glad to take second look. One final point: when we miss the mark, it's often because there were relatively few photographs available at the time we rated the property. If you can provide us with additional photographs, or refer us to a source where additional photographs can be found, please let us know, since this can increase the odds that our second look will result in a different rating.

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