Beaches on Acklins

The charm in the beaches of Acklins lies in the unique rock formations that can be spotted along the coast.  For the most part, the beaches on this island are uncrowded and great for any beach activity you can dream of.  The consensus seems to be, however, that all of the island's best beaches reside along the East Coast facing the Atlantic Ocean.  

Which Beaches Are Available?

You will discover a handful of beaches to visit on the island. For a detailed guide to any one of these beaches you can click on the names of the ones you are curious about.

Abraham's Bay Beach: Located in the largest settlement on Mayaguana, Abraham's Bay Beach is the favored beach among locals. During they day you'll find them relaxing in the sun and out on the water participating in their favorite watersports.

The beaches on Acklins are summarized in the following chart.

Beaches On Acklins
Name Location Coast
Abraham's Bay Beach 5.5 mi. East-Northeast of Central Acklins Island East
Heastie Bay Beach 17.3 mi. South West of Central Acklins Island Southeast
Mason's Bay Beach 12.3 mi. Northeast of Central Acklins Island West
Pampey Bay Beach Central Acklins Northwest

Of course, Acklins has other attraction types. Go to this extended discussion about even more attractions if you're interested in learning some more details.


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