Acklins Ferries

Skip flying and take a ferry to Acklins instead

Traveling by ferry is often exciting for first time visitors to the Bahamas, and there are so many options available that you may dream of floating from place to place and seeing as many of the islands as possible. The reality of ferry services here is that they are often slow moving and still won't get you to all of the islands. Fortunately, Acklins is one destination it is possible to reach by ferry.

Riding the Ferries

There are two main ferry services to be aware of if you're visiting Acklins. The first is a free, nameless ferry that travels back and forth between this and Crooked Island throughout the day. This is great for those who'd like to visit both islands and see what each has to offer, and for those who want to stay on Acklins but have planned a flight to the airport on Crooked Island. This ferry is available twice a day, though it is hard to pin down a regular schedule or the cost.

The other option is the government run Mail Boat. This ferry service is the most well known one available, but also the slowest. Mail Boats came into being as a way to connect the islands and transport mail and freight, but quickly became big in the people moving industry as well. Now they are the cheapest way to get around, but you pay with your time as well. United Star, one such Mail Boat, leaves from Potter's Cay once a week and makes the journey to Mayaguana and Acklins. For specific fees and schedules, call the Dock Master at 242-393-1064.

Make finding water transportation easy by browsing the selection of ferry services below.

Ferry Docks
Name Location Island
Acklins Ferry Dock Acklins Island Acklins Island
Cabbage Hill Dock Cabbage Hill - Crooked Island Crooked Island
Crooked Island Ferry Dock Crooked Island - Acklins Island Acklins Island

If you've got the time, ferries really are a great way to get around, reminding you to enjoy the journey as much as the destination – saving your money all the while.

Ferry Routes, Acklins
Location Served Dock A Dock B Company Frequency
Acklins Acklins Ferry Dock Crooked Island Ferry Dock Acklins Free Ferry at least daily
Acklins Crooked Island Ferry Dock Acklins Ferry Dock Acklins Free Ferry at least daily
Acklins Crooked Island Ferry Dock Cabbage Hill Dock Acklins Free Ferry at least daily

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