Boating and Sailing Near Acklins

See Acklins in a different light when you view it from the sea as you sail in from the horizon

The Acklins Islands are full of small cays that are only available via private ship or charter, making the area a great place to explore and relax in a secluded setting. Acklins also makes for a good pit-stop, as it is not too far from the Turks and Caicos, Haiti, or Cuba (if you are allowed to travel there).


If you're a seasoned sailor, or you're in the market to hire a crewed yacht, sailing to Acklins is certainly a possibility, and a memorable way to make your way to the island. Unfortunately, Acklins is not an official port of entry into the Bahamas, so most sailors will first make a stop in Spring Point Airport, which is a ways northwest of the island, to gain clearance. As you sail into the island, make sure to sail your yellow quarantine flag and place a call over your VHF Radio to Channel 16. This will let immigration and customs officials to let you know you're on your way and someone will meet you when you dock. There, you will have to provide a list of the ships stores, as well as have everyone on board fill out immigration paperwork. After everyone has been cleared, you'll pay between $150 and $300(USD) for your sailing permit, fishing permit, and departure fee.

Planning to reach Acklins using your own boat, or a boat you charter elsewhere? This chart contains a list of area marinas.

Name Phone Location Island
Landrail Point Marina -- Crooked Island Crooked Island

A hugely popular pastime in the Bahamas, sailing about the Acklins can give you a whole new perspective on this tropical destination. Whether you've got the skillset to sail yourself or you just want a few ours to explore the immediate area, getting out on a boat during your stay is highly recommended.


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