Activities and Recreation at Top Choice Lodge

A schedule full of active pursuits is not essential for a memorable vacation on Acklins Island, the Bahamas. Thus, despite the fact that Top Choice Lodge doesn't have that much in the way of recreational activities, it might still provide exactly the setting you're wanting to find.

This lodge is lucky to have the ocean right in the backyard, so the absence of a pool on the property isn't a major concern for most people who can simply visit the beach when they need to cool off. In fact, even when there is a pool, many guests enjoy the beach so much that they visit the pool very little during their stay.


Even though there may not be many watersports available, they do offer guests some appealing fishing opportunities.

Family Activities

Although travelers can bring their kids to Top Choice Lodge, this lodging doesn't offer very many amenities intended specifically for families. To look instead at some places with more amenities of particular interest to kids, you might want to consider properties rated best for family vacations.

Entertainment and Nightlife

If during your trip you'll want to experience popular clubs, bars, and plenty of entertainment, Top Choice Lodge isn't for you. The lodge tends to be fairly quiet after sundown.

In fact, there is not a nightclub, or even a bar at this lodge, so you'll sleep happily--without crowds of partying guests to wake you.


Vacationers visiting the Bahamas can almost always find some good chances to explore the region. You and your party may decide to head out alone, but you can also choose to book an excursion through an area guide. Either way, you'll surely confront a few interesting experiences along the way. Click on these articles for information with regard to riding a bike or moped, shopping, snorkeling, diving, fishing, sightseeing, and other activities you might enjoy.


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