Advertising on Caribya!

Ad packages available for all sizes and types of tourism-oriented businesses.

Caribya! makes it feasible for local businesses throughout the Caribbean to build brand awareness and influence visitor decisions at reasonable cost. Ads can be precisely targeted to specific topics, islands and places, further improving cost-effectiveness and helping to ensure that ads are seen at a time when potential customers are most interested in the advertiser's message.

What's Unique About Caribya?

We provide a wealth of information concerning every part of the Caribbean -- from the largest islands to the smallest cays, from the busiest cities to the smallest towns. All of this information is beautifully organized and cross-linked, making it easy for consumers to drill down deeply into the topics that interest them.

The depth of our information, and the logical manner in which it is organized also provides a unique advantage to local advertisers, making it easy to reach potential customers while they are still planning their vacation -- as well as when their plans are in flux during their vacation.

Where Will My Ads be Seen?

You can select the specific pages where you want your ads displayed.

...options that are tailored to your needs and budget constraints...

We recommend focusing first on "core pages" that are specifically devoted to the topic and geographic area with the greatest relevance to your business. We let you run different ads on different pages -- and you can even run multiple ads on each of your most important, core pages -- helping you achieve maximum impact at moderate cost.

However, to maximize brand awareness and overall visibility, we recommend going beyond these core pages to place your ad on additional pages of interest to your customers. This allows you to spread your message more widely, to increase overall visibility and further improve cost-effectiveness.

Unsure of what strategy to pursue? No worries. We will personally work with you to understand your business and the local market in which you operate, and to suggest options that are tailored to your needs and budget constraints.

What Size Ads Can I Use?

If you look around Caribya! you will see a variety of different display ad sizes. This adds visual interest to our pages, and helps meet the creative needs of different advertisers.

You can mix and match different size ads to best achieve your goals. To simplify things for planning purposes, we've organized most of the display ad sizes into two groups: small and large. As you would expect, large ads cost more than small ads -- so if you're on a tight budget, and want your ad to be shown on a lot of different pages, use mostly smaller ads. If have enough room in your budget, and want to achieve maximimum impact, consider using more of the larger ads.

...we can custom-tailor an ad package to fit nearly any budget...

Small ads in the left column have a moderate vertical (portrait) shape. They are 160 pixels wide and 320 pixels high. Small display ads in the right column have an extreme horizontal (landscape) shape. They are 336 pixels wide and 125 pixels high.

Large ads in the left column have an extreme vertical shape. They are 160 pixels wide and 600 pixels high. Large display ads in the right column have a moderate horizontal (landscape) shape. They are 336 pixels wide and 280 pixels high.

The ads in the upper right corner, above the top of the page, are also classifed as "large" ads. They have an extreme horizontal shape, and are 720 pixels wide and 90 pixels high.

How Much Do I Need to Spend?

It's really up to you -- we can custom-tailor an ad package to fit nearly any budget, from as little as $35 per month in smaller markets. Our custom-tailored ad packages make it feasible for even the smallest hotels and other local businesses to build brand awareness and influence consumer decisions in a cost-effective, targeted manner. Of course, most businesses choose to set a larger budget, which enables them to achieve even greater visibility -- particularly once they realize how efficient Caribya! is compared to offline media like the Yellow Pages, magazines and printed visitor guides.

What's the First Step?

Use the Feedback form near the bottom of any page to contact us -- or go here. Tell us what type of business you have, where you are located, and what sort of budget you have in mind. We'll respond back by email with our initial suggestions (and in some cases ask a few more questions). The entire process is easy and painless, and there's no cost or obligation during the initial consultation.


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