Beaches in Aguadilla

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Located on the island's west coast, Aguadilla is recognized as one of the top destinations for surfing.  They range from beaches with soft surf great for training up those new to the sport to those that are only recommended for the pros because of the dangerous currents.  Visitors only interested in swimming should stick to beaches like Schoolyards and Bridges where the waters aren't so turbulent. 

Beach Choices In The Area

There are a large selection of beaches to visit in the area. To read a detailed article concerning any of these beaches simply click on the names of the ones you are interested in.

School Yard Beach

Bridges Beach: Bridges Beach is centrally located just off the main coastal road that runs along the entire western edge of the city. If you are going to need parking, use the same lot as the more popular School Yard Beach, right off PR-440.

Another alternative to consider is Surfer's Beach. With a name like Surfer's Beach, it should come as no surprise that this is considered one of the areas best surfing beaches. But while some local waters are a little too rough for beginners, this one is great for all skill levels.

Crash Boat Beach: Located on Puerto Rico's northwest coast, Crashboat Beach (or, Playa Crashboat) is a favorite amongst watersports enthusiasts. The surf is variable with a tendency to get nasty, making it a challenge to endure for less experienced swimmers, but fun for those on motorized equipment.

The beaches in Aguadilla are shown in the chart below.

Beaches In Aguadilla
Name Location Coast
Bridges Beach Downtown Aguadilla West
Crash Boat Beach 1.9 mi. North-Northwest of Downtown Aguadilla West
Lucal Beach 1.9 mi. South West of Downtown Aguadilla West
Ruins Beach 4.1 mi. North of Central Aguadilla West
School Yard Beach Downtown Aguadilla West
Surfer's Beach 5.2 mi. North of Central Aguadilla West-Northwest
Table Rock Beach 1.3 mi. South-Southwest of Downtown Aguadilla West
The Shacks 4.0 mi. North of Central Aguadilla West

Luckily, Aguadilla has additional attraction types. To see our full guide to other attractions, follow this link.


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