Beaches in Aguadilla

Photo credit: © Manuel Montalvo

Located on the island's west coast, Aguadilla is recognized as one of the top destinations for surfing.  They range from beaches with soft surf great for training up those new to the sport to those that are only recommended for the pros because of the dangerous currents.  Visitors only interested in swimming should stick to beaches like Schoolyards and Bridges where the waters aren't so turbulent. 

Beach Choices In The Area

You'll discover a large selection of beaches to consider in the area. You can click on the name of each beach for more detail concerning that section of the coast.

School Yard Beach

Bridges Beach: Used mainly for surfing, this urban beach is a great place for a quick trip to the shore. With nothing but a straight shot to the ocean, Bridges Beach is best for those looking for a hassle free beach.

Another option for beach-goers to consider is Surfer's Beach. To access Surfer's Beach, take Route 107 from Ramey Air Base. Turn on Cliff Road and pass Surf Zone, then turn left at the metal gate at then end of the road.

Crash Boat Beach: Just a coupe miles from Highway 2, Crash Boat Beach is easy to spot and access. Follow the road signs on Route 107 and you'll get there without any trouble.

The table directly below provides you with more details regarding the beaches located in the area.

Beaches In Aguadilla
Name Location Coast
Bridges Beach Downtown Aguadilla West
Crash Boat Beach 1.9 mi. North-Northwest of Downtown Aguadilla West
Lucal Beach 1.9 mi. South West of Downtown Aguadilla West
Ruins Beach 4.1 mi. North of Central Aguadilla West
School Yard Beach Downtown Aguadilla West
Surfer's Beach 5.2 mi. North of Central Aguadilla West-Northwest
Table Rock Beach 1.3 mi. South-Southwest of Downtown Aguadilla West
The Shacks 4.0 mi. North of Central Aguadilla West

Keep in mind, you'll find some other kinds attractions available. You can read this page which is all about even more attractions if you want to learn some more information.


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