Rompeolas Bar & Grill

Rompeolas Bar & Grill is a popular seafood restaurant in Aguadilla with a lively atmosphere and great service.


Rompeolas Bar & Grill is a bar and grill where they proudly serve their take on American cuisine. Anticipate and dress for a dining experience that is informal. They are open for business during both dinner and lunch, so make time to try it.


With a maritime theme that boarders on "pirate-y," Rompeola's decor is a perfect complement to the view of the ocean -- especially the giant lobster tank from which you can choose your dinner.


Positioned near the center of downtown Aguadilla, It is at 25 Stahl.

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Some active guests say they've come to these parts for the group of fun-in-the-sun activities in the area. Guests who find themselves anxious to tee off have the option of spending time at the nearby golf facility, Borinquen Golf Club, which is within traveling distance of Rompeolas Bar & Grill. And don't forget the beach towels, if you run over to School Yard Beach, which is the nearest beach and is only a short distance away. Also, keep in mind those are just a couple of the beaches, courses, and outdoor pursuits in this area.

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Contact Info

Location: 25 Stahl, downtown Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Phone: (787) 891-6831


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