Snorkeling Around Aguadilla

Knowing that Aguadilla is one of the best towns on the island for surfing typically causes snorkelers to overlook it without a second thought.  That is a mistake.  When the waves die down, this town is a snorkeler's paradise as well.

In the summer, the waves begin to calm and the underwater world of Aguadilla sits, waiting to be explored.  Some of the best beaches begin to feature smooth, calm waters during this time, and in fact, the island's best-known artificial underwater kingdom is located around the old dock at Crash Boat Beach.  You can walk in here right from the shore and explore sponges in every color of the rainbow, plus marvel at how the seahorses move in an out of the habitat, or how the feather dusters sway in time with the waters movement.  

If you are still concerned about snorkeling alone, there are plenty of tours that offer excursions in the waters surrounding the area, so you can pay somewhere between $40 and $100(USD) for a fun, guided tour of some of the best underwater sites.  Most people feel confident enough during the warmer months to go it alone, and the local surf and dive shops will rent out gear to them for between $15 and $20(USD) a day.

Snorkeling Sites

If you're looking forward to experiencing what's below the surface you might want to visit Crash Boat Beach. Located at a very family-friendly beach, it is often crowded on weekends. Avoid the crowds and come during the week where you'll find a friendly bunch of angelfish living under the old pier. This snorkeling site is located within northern Aguadilla.

The following chart lists some key facts concerning 2 of the most popular locations where you can go snorkeling in this area.

Snorkeling Sites Near Aguadilla
Site Location
Crash Boat Beach 1.9 mi. North-Northwest of Downtown Aguadilla
El Natural 2.5 mi. North-Northwest of Central Aguadilla

For more information concerning snorkeling, including helpful suggestions and tips for both "old pros" and beginners, check out our detailed discussion of snorkeling in the Caribbean.

While snorkeling is not a great idea during the winter when the surf is rough and sometimes even dangerous, the summer months open up a world of possibilities for snorkelers in Aguadilla.  Don't miss out on a chance to see the wondrous underwater landscape of this surf town.  


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