Buses in Akumal

Buses are recommended for getting around Akumal

Despite the rumors that buses in Mexico are in extremely poor condition, Akumal's buses are anything but. In fact, if you need a ride, this is a highly recommended form of transportation, not to mention one of the cheapest options around.

...only stop at designated bus stops...


Local Buses

Buses in Akumal are what you'd expect to find driving around a major city in the United States. They're large, with reasonable seating and enough space to carry several dozen passengers at once. Route numbers are clearly printed on the front window of each bus, as is the price of the trip which is generally $1(USD). Your fare should be paid in local currency, and most drivers do not have a problem making change. Not all buses are in prime condition, but none are in dismal condition either. The one downside to taking a bus in Akumal is that not all of them have air conditioning.

Stops are easy to find on main roads and are clearly marked, but you don't need to be at a bus stop to get a ride. If you see a bus on the street, you can flag one down just as you would a taxi and they will stop to pick you up; however, the bus will not stop and drop you off just anywhere. They only stop at designated bus stops, and you must let them know before reaching the stop that you want to get off. If no one is waiting to be picked up and you haven't made it known you want to get off, the bus will keep on moving. Buses run between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. daily.

Long Distance Buses

There are several bus companies offering transportation that runs amongst several cities in the Yucatan. ADO is the best known, offering fast and reliable service, not to mention competitive pricing. These buses run up and down Highway 307, beginning their route each day in Cancun and traveling all the way up to Chetumal and beyond. These buses are very well maintained and feature air conditioning and comfortable seating. Some even show movies and offer free WiFi.

Intercity buses run from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., with a new bus leaving from Cancun approximately every 15 minutes, and the price varies by destination, but to get to Akumal you can expect to spend about 65 pesos, which is just $6.50(USD).

Buses are a clean, affordable, and reliable way to get around Akumal and the rest of the Mexican Caribbean. Tourists looking at transportation options should seriously consider making this a primary form of transportation, and those traveling on a budget will be thrilled to find that this is such as highly recommended way to get around.


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