Natural Attractions in Akumal

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Some of Mother Nature's most wonderous sites have their home in Akumal, from caves and cenotes to crystalline lagoons.  There are even some man-made attractions here that center on nature including a dolphin exibit.  If you especially love animals, make a point to stop by the turtle conservation center, and book a snorkeling trip.

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Do you want to enjoy part of your vacation outside? You may be happy to find out that the area has a popular nature preserve available.

Jungle Place is a nature preserve southwestern Akumal. The Jungle Place is a sanctuary for endangered Spider Monkeys in the Mexican Caribbean, most of which have been rescued from life threatening situations. The owners care for these animals as if they were a part of a family, and on a rare basis, allow guests to come visit with the monkeys and explore the habitat.

Nature Preserves and Hiking In Akumal
Name Type Location
Jungle Place Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 4.4 mi. South West of Central Akumal Mexico


Aktun Chen Cave System

Even though most travelers are attracted by the beaches, those aren't the only way to experience the natural beauty of the land. Areas near Akumal multiple choices, including 3 caves.

You should consider visiting Aktun Chen Cave System, which is found within the Riviera Maya, Northwest of Akumal. The Aktum Chen Cave System can be found along the Cancun-Tulum Highway, just 2.5 miles outside of Akumal and 25 minutes from Playa del Carmen. A staff member from the natural park will pick you up from your hotel for $20(USD).

An additional available option is Cristalino Maya Cenote. It is located within the vicinity of La Gloria, Northeast of Akumal. Popular amongst locals as well as tourists, the Cristalino Cenote is easily accessible and favorites for swimming and diving.

The following table summarizes a few details regarding caves.

Caves Near Akumal
Name Type Location
Aktun Chen Cave System Cave 6.2 mi. Northwest of Central Akumal
Cristalino Maya Cenote Cave 1.8 mi. West of Central Puerto Aventuras
Jardin Del Eden Cenote Cave 1.8 mi. West of Central Puerto Aventuras


Vacationers can visit one of the many parks nearby.

Xunaan Ha Cenote is located in the Riviera Maya, South West of Akumal. In addition to swimming, the cenote also has a zip-line that goes across the cenote

A second popular attraction in this category is Tajmahal Cenote. The entrance to Tajmahal is 26 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen, on the west side of Highway 307.

The parks available are summarized in the chart below.

Parks Near Akumal
Name Type Location
Kantun Chi Eco Park Park 1.9 mi. West of Central Puerto Aventuras
Manati Cenote Park 10.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central Akumal
Tajmahal Cenote Park 1.2 mi. Northwest of Central Xpu Ha
Vaca Ha Tortugas Cenote Park 13.6 mi. South West of Central Akumal
Xunaan Ha Cenote Park 6.5 mi. South West of Central Akumal
Yaxmul Cenote Park 8.9 mi. South West of Central Akumal

Zoos and Aquariums

If the concept of passing some time surrounded by animals sounds like fun, you should visit Dolphin Discovery. Get ready to be up close and personal with some friendly sea animals. Dolphin Discovery offers four main programs that are sure to be remembered.

Review the table below to learn more.

Zoos In and Around Akumal
Name Type Location
Dolphin Discovery Zoo 0.4 mi. West-Northwest of Central Puerto Aventuras
X'Cacel Turtle Conservation Area Zoo 4.7 mi. South-Southwest of Central Akumal

Land Formations

Another fun idea is to go see some of the more interesting naturally occurring land formations. Fully natural attractions like these in Akumal are summarized in the table below.

Land Formations In Akumal
Name Type Location
Dick's Reef Reef 0.9 mi. East of Central Akumal
Morgan's Reef Reef 0.8 mi. East of Central Akumal
Motorcycle Reef Reef Central Akumal
Tortuga Reef Reef Central Akumal
Yal-Ku Lagoon Lagoon 1.1 mi. Northeast of Central Akumal

If you want to learn about a wider variety of attractions beyond what's offered on this page, you should expand your planning horizon. If you're interested, get more information about other attractions here.


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