Restaurants and Bars Near Belizean Cove Estates

1 | Rojo Beach Bar


Visitors can find this bar on the same premises as La Grande Casa Azul, 2.2 miles (3.5 km) northeast of Belizean Cove Estates.


2 | O

(501) 226-4249 | Caribbean and Latin American Cuisine

This restaurant is on the premises of Las Terrazas Resort, and is just 0.9 miles (1.4 km) northeast of Belizean Cove Estates.

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3 | El Pescador Restaurant

(501) 226-2975 | Buffet

This buffet is located within El Pescador, and is about 330 yards (a quarter kilometer) from Belizean Cove Estates.


4 | Aji Tapa Bar and Resturant

(501) 226-4047 | Bistro

Go just a half mile (less than a kilometer) to the south-southwest from Belizean Cove Estates to reach this bistro, which is located on the coast.

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5 | Palapa Bar & Grill

(501) 226-3111 | International

This bar and grill is situated on Tres Cocos Street, and is only 2.0 miles (3.2 km) south west of Belizean Cove Estates.

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6 | Legends Burger House

(501) 226-2113 | American

Found on the northeastern outskirts of San Pedro, this bar and grill is just 0.3 miles (0.5 km) from Palapa Bar & Grill.

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The interactive map above shows 6 local eateries and bars guests will find within two miles (three and a half kilometers) of Belizean Cove Estates. The closest place to get some Caribbean cuisine is El Pescador Restaurant (see reference number 3), located about 330 yards (a quarter kilometer) from the accommodation. To get a broader view of the region, or to find more info about individual points, click to interact with the map. The map numbers shown on the pins above match up with the numbers found listed on the table below.

Restaurants Near Belizean Cove Estates
Map No. Type Restaurant Name Distance from Villas
1 Bar Rojo Beach Bar 2.2 mi. (3.5 km)
2 Caribbean, Latin American O Restaurant 0.9 mi. (1.4 km)
3 Caribbean El Pescador Restaurant 0.2 mi. (0.3 km)
4 International, Seafood, Tapas Aji Tapa Bar and Resturant 0.5 mi. (0.9 km)
5 International Palapa Bar & Grill 2.0 mi. (3.2 km)
6 American, Hamburgers Legends Burger House 1.7 mi. (2.7 km)

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