Renting a Bike or Scooter on Ambergris Caye

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In Ambergris Caye, you'll find the roads to be unpaved and instead made of sand and gravel.  While this can make riding around on a bicycle a bit more work, the small size of the town and the minimal amount of traffic make it worth it.  Most visitors end up choosing to rent golf carts as their main mode of transportation, but if you're a more active explorer, bikes might be the right choice for you.

If you are thinking about exploring a new environment with the wind in your face, you will find multiple different places that can help make it happen.

If you're ready to make a reservation, you might want to contact Cholo's Carts. Known for offering the best prices on the island, Cholo's Carts also makes itself readily available to customers. Not only is there one main office behind the fire station, but there are numerous authorized dealer agents throughout town. They are found in San Pedro, in southern Ambergris Caye.

Another option is Avis Golf Cart Rentals. Avis Cart Rental is a family owned business that provides great service and low prices, ensuring a pleasant rental experience. You can call them at (501) 627-5257.

A third good option is Coconut Carts Belize. Golf carts are a fun way to get around the island, but have you thought of cruising around in the most stylish carts on the island? Coconut Carts offers this along with great service. found within San Pedro, in southern Ambergris Caye. They're

Take a moment to look through the table below to find out more about area rental agencies.

Bike and Moped Rental On Ambergris Caye
Name Phone Location
Action Divers Golf Cart Rental (501) 670-2624 Central Ambergris Caye
Avis Golf Cart Rentals (501) 627-5257 1.2 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro
C & S Golf Cart Rental (501) 226-3838 San Pedro
Carts Belize (501) 226-4090 San Pedro, Southern part of Ambergris Caye
Cholo's Carts (501) 226-2406 0.9 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro
Coconut Carts Belize (501) 637-2416 0.1 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro
Island Cruiser Rentals (501) 625-0507 3.3 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro
Lisa's Bike Rentals (501) 601-4449 2.5 mi. Northeast of Central San Pedro
Ocean Breeze Cart Rental (501) 206-2575 0.0 mi. South-Southeast of Central San Pedro
Unbelizeable Golf Cart Rental (501) 226-4339 San Pedro

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