Taxis on Ambergris Caye

When you need a ride, Ambergris Caye's taxis have you covered

On an island the size of Ambergris Caye, full-sized vehicles are rarely a necessity. In fact, rental cars are not even a possibility. For this reason, many tourists will turn to bicycles and rental golf carts are they main forms of transportation, but another important option to be aware of is the small number of taxis that are available here.

Taxi Companies

What you'll find when you arrive on Ambergris Caye is that most hotels will provide transportation to their guests; whether from the air strip or from the ferry terminal. For all other times, you'll have to be in charge of your own means of getting around.

While you may encounter a taxi traveling around on occasion, your best bet is to call one of the local companies and have them send a driver to pick you up. This is especially popular because taxis are hard to pick out in crowd because they rarely have any distinguishing marks. You can be certain you're climbing into a legal and licensed taxi cab; however, but checking out the license plate which should be green.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

It can be difficult to plan your transportation budget around taxis on Ambergris Caye because of the fact that the cabs are not metered and there are no preset rates. You'll have to discuss what you think is a fair price to pay to get you to your destination. Your driver may counter with something a little higher, then you'll need to come together on a rate you both agree on.

While drivers on the island do not work for tips nor expect them, your monetary show of appreciation is always welcome. If you feel your driver was particularly pleasant or went above and beyond, feel free to add an extra $2(USD) to the payment.

For many people staying on Ambergris Caye, calling for a taxi is the only way they have to get around. Fortunately, this form of transportation is one that can be recommended for its quick service and friendly drivers.


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