Andros Accommodations

As the largest island of those inhabited in the Bahamas, there is a lot of space to cover; yet, Andros remains sparsely populated in comparison to other islands in the chain like Grand Bahama and New Providence. Still, Andros welcomes its fair share of tourists every year, each one with a different idea about how their trip is going to go. Fortunately the variation in types of available accommodations is suitable for pleasing a diverse crowd.


Swains Cay Resort

There are multiple types of accommodations to choose from in the area, including a bed & breakfast and several hotels. Read more information about each property by clicking the names.

If you and your family would rather book a stay at a exclusive accommodation, Kamalame Cay is probably a good place to start your search. Kamalame Cay is a nearly 100-acre private island paradise accessible only by ferry or seaplane. Three miles of unspoiled sandy white beaches line the eastern shore of the island. Guests will find them on Staniard Creek.

An excellent option for those searching for a place to stay on Andros is Love At First Sight. Love At First Sight houses nine double rooms with twin double beds as well as one single room with one double bed for a total of 10 rooms. Each is vibrantly decorated, has a private bathroom, kitchenette, and WiFi. The property is located on Queen's Highway.

Accommodations Map

Another property to consider is Swains Cay Resort. Escape from the boring monotony of your every day life with a trip to the tranquil Swains Cay Lodge. Guests will enjoy relaxing on the beach, or participating in the optional bonefishing tours that are available to guests of the resort. You can contact them at (242) 369-0297.

Andros is home to plenty of other choices. For more information on the standard hotels available, navigate to this page.

Condos and Villa Complexes In Andros

If you are not really in the market for a standard hotel, you just might think about renting one of the area's nearby condos or villas.

Visitors wanting to book their stay on Andros will enjoy choices like Knoll's Landing. Knoll's Landing is a family-friendly fishing lodge known for its laid-back atmosphere and great service. If you want to know more, call them at (242) 329-2039.

Check the table just below for more information about condos and villa complexes.

Condo and Villa Complexes In Andros
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Javarr's Twinberry Inn Apartment building (242) 369-5103


6.4 mi. East of Central South Andros Island South Andros Island
Knoll's Landing Villa complex (242) 329-2039


27.0 mi. East of Central North Andros Island North Andros Island

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Camping and Eco-Tourism

Tiamo Resorts

Nature lovers and their families might want to take a look at the availability of eco-tourist options offered to them in the area.

Tiamo Resorts is one property of this type southeastern Andros. Sitting on a private island in the outskirts of the Bahamas is this property, the ultimate in exclusive luxury hideaways. Guests will find the island and its surrounding waters alive with all things tropical, and free to enjoy and explore. They can be found at 1 Tiamo Beach Way, on Central Andros.

One destination positioned on the water's edge that is worth considering is Small Hope Bay Lodge. The property consists of 21 cabins. This includes four two-bedroom shared bath cabins which are perfect for families and 13 private room and bath cabins. If you'd like to call in advance, do so at (242) 368-2014.

Those who love the outdoors will find a selection of different eco-lodges in the vicinity, including Mangrove Cay Club. One of the top fishing lodges in the Bahamas is Mangrove Cay Club, located at Mangrove Cay. Not only is this spot known for its comfortable rooms and personalized service, but full-time guides are always on hand to take you out to fish -- a bonus for those who want nothing more than to spend each and every day fishing. If you have questions, call them at (242) 369-0731.

Fortunately, there are other choices. Those wanting to find out more about eco-accommodations available by clicking here.

Individual Villas

Certain people always favor the independence offered by one of the rental homes. Follow this link to find our discussion of rental properties on Andros.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Some travelers love the reassurance of an all-inclusive price. There are several explanations why these plans are successful. For example, they eliminate the need to develop a detailed budget.

Tiamo Resorts is one property of this type southeastern Andros. This intimate property consists of only 10 villas and the Birds Nest which is a luxury three-bedroom villa that combines sophistication with comfort and which has an amazing panoramic view across the island and out to sea. The villas exude great charm and are built in a traditional Caribbean style. Visitors will find them at 1 Tiamo Beach Way, on Central Andros.

A destination along the water's edge worth considering is Small Hope Bay Lodge. The property consists of 21 cabins. This includes four two-bedroom shared bath cabins which are perfect for families and 13 private room and bath cabins. If you are looking for something specific and want to call ahead of time, do so at (242) 368-2014.

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