Fishing Near Andros

Known as the “Land of the Giants” in the fishing world, Andros is one of the top destinations for bonefishing in the Bahamas.  There is even an important bonefish club on the island.  If you're interested in spending a day fishing when you visit this island, you'll find a few charter companies ready to help you make it happen.

Fishing while on the Andros Island comes mainly in two forms; the popular fishing charters, and the local tradition of bonefishing.

Bonefishing generally occurs inshore, and so it does not always require a charter. Instead, you will be looking to hire a guide that specialized in fishing in shallow water. Make sure to ask your hotel if they have suggestions, many accommodations have special relations with a particular bonefisher, ensuring you get the best deal.

Andros is famous for this kind of fishing, and in particulr fishing for the elusive bonefish. Catching one takes a bit of skill and a lot of practice. That is why fishermen coming to Andros are always delighted to the bonefish guides and clubs ready to show foreign fishermen the ropes.

If you are intrigued by the idea of catching some fish during your vacation, you will find two charter operators that can take you to the best fishing spots.

If you want to get in contact with a fishing charter, you might want to check with Bonefish Bradley. Nearly every trip is successful with Bonefish Bradley, where they specialize in tarpon, permit, mahi mahi, barracuda, yellow fin tuna and of course, bonefish. They guarantee catches in the double digits on the West side of Andros, but they fish at the northern end as well. They are located on Andros Town, Andros.

A second option is Reel Tight Charters. Located on South Andros, Reel Tight Charters is a boating and fishing excursion company that allows tourists to spend as much time out on the water as they like. Whether angling is your favorite pastime, or you'd like to practice snorkeling, they've got the tools to make it happen. You can reach them at (242) 369-2638.

Take a look at the following chart for more information.

Fishing Charters In Andros
Name Type Phone Location Island
Bonefish Bradley Fishing Charter Service (305) 677-0475 Andros Town, Northern part of Andros North Andros Island
Reel Tight Charters Fishing Charter Service (242) 369-2638 22.7 mi. East of Central North Andros Island North Andros Island

You'll find 9 different local fishing guides in the following table.

Fishing Guides In Andros
Name Type Phone Location Island
Alvin Greene Fishing Guide Fishing Guide Service (242) 471-4205 32.9 mi. South of Central Andros Town Mangrove Cay
Andros Island Bonefish Club Fishing Guide Service (242) 368-5167 Andros Town, Northern part of Andros North Andros Island
Bair's Fishing Fishing Guide Service (242) 471-9727 2.6 mi. South of Central Deep Creek Settlement South Andros Island
Big Charlie & Fatiha's Fishing Fishing Guide Service (242) 368-4297 1.5 mi. Southeast of Central Andros Town Central Andros
Deneki South Andros Fishing Fishing Guide Service (800) 344-3628 1.2 mi. South-Southeast of Central Congo Town South Andros Island
Mangrove Cay Bonefishing Fishing Guide Service (242) 369-0731 9.8 mi. Northwest of Central Congo Town Central Andros
Philip Rolle's North Andros Fly Fishing Fishing Guide Service (242) 329-2661 10.2 mi. Northwest of Central Andros Town North Andros Island
Small Hope Bay Lodge Fishing Fishing Guide Service (800) 223-6961 2.2 mi. Northwest of Central Andros Town Central Andros
Two Boys Inn Fishing Fishing Guide Service (242) 368-4067 13.1 mi. North of Central Moxey Town Central Andros

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