Goat Cay Beach

Technically, there is no beach on Goat Cay, but there is a sandy area on the northwest part of the island that visitors to this private island use for a place to swim.

Located on North Andros Island, You might want even if you are not staying very close. This beach is not just another pleasant piece of the coast, it also has a private beach feel——a unique quailty in a touristy place like the Bahamas. While Goat Cay Beach may be a little farther away, it's the best place to take an undisturbed nap on the sand.

Amenities and Ambiance

Unfortunately, you won't find any public restrooms along this coastline, so if you're visiting with small children you might want to consider a different location. You'll find the waters off-shore to be clear enough for snorkeling, so grab your equipment if you're looking to see what goes on beneath the surface.

If you happen to choose coasts that provide a tranquil haven, then maybe head on over to Goat Cay Beach; it's located within a less urban part of the region.

What's Nearby


Travelers will find Goat Cay Beach on the West coast of North Andros Island. Guests might consider staying at the Small Hope Bay Lodge, which can be found a mile and a half to the west, making it one of the most conveniently located lodging options accessible from Goat Cay Beach, despite there not being too many other attractions in the area.

Cities and Towns

Goat Cay Beach is in the Andros Town area, so exploring the city is a convenient option. The closest town is Andros Town, which is an area with plenty to do, but yet isn't overcrowded. From the coast, Andros Town is not far away, roughly a mile and a half (three kilometers).


The mood here——social and lively, or virtually empty—— will vary depending on the time of day, particularly in the high season when hotels overflow with tourists. Goat Cay Beach is not located near many major hotels, but it can appeal to guests staying at smaller accommodations in the area.

While you generally won't find very many places to stay nearby, those options closest to Goat Cay Beach can be seen in the table below.

Accommodations near Goat Cay Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Island Type
Small Hope Bay Lodge 1.5 W Central Andros Lodge
Treasures of Andros 1.7 S North Andros Island Cottages
Quality Inn Staniard Creek 2.1 S North Andros Island Hotel


Though there aren't many widely-known restaurants nearby, you can still satisfy your hunger, particularly if you're prepared to venture a little out of the way. One of the nearest places to eat is Andros Lighthouse Restaurant, which is a delicious choice during or after a day at the beach.

Nearby restaurant options are included in the following table.

Restaurants near Goat Cay Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Distance Direction Island
Andros Lighthouse Restaurant (242) 368-2305 -- 1.7 mi. S North Andros Island

Other Beaches

There are plenty of beautiful beach locations to choose from on North Andros Island, so Goat Cay Beach is just one of your options.

Another location you might enjoy is Small Hope Bay Beach, found only a short distance away. On the other hand, Andros Lighthouse Beach offers a few more possibilities for excitement, and isn't far from other popular destinations. It's located a mile and a half to the south.

Another sun-drenched spot to consider is Love Hill Beach, which is located only a short distance away.

Goat Cay Beach could be the ideal stretch of sand, but it is possible that it may not be the best choice for your family; in which case you should find a beach with a seclusion factor that suits you.


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