Boating and Sailing Near Andros

Sail into the horizon and back again by planning some time in the seas that surround Andros Islands

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Not all of Andros is able to be seen on wheels, so when roadways run out, locals and tourists must rely on boats to get by. Many of the large resorts offer sailing trips as part of their packages, but you can also hire a private charter, or rent a boat to sail yourself. Sailors should steer clear of the west coast where shoals make conditions dangerous, but the east coast offers smooth sailing.

In keeping with the island's eco- and adventure-tourism themes, sailing is a popular way to get to Andros. There are two full-service marinas, one in Fresh Creek and the other in Stanyard Creek, on the island in addition to several other docking facilities around the perimeter of the island.


...head to the marina of your choice...


Before you can officially begin your vacation on this island, you'll have to clear customs. To do so, you'll approach Andros with your yellow quarantine flag flying and place a call over your VHF radio on channel 16 to let officials know you are on your way. You'll be directed to one of the island's official ports of entry, either in Fresh Creek, Mangrove Cay, Morgan's Bluff, or San Andros, where an official will meet you. At this point only the captain may leave the vessel as the official reviews all of the appropriate paperwork and issues immigration forms to everyone on board. Once cleared, you'll be charged somewhere between $150 and $300(USD) depending on the length of your boat. This fee covers not only your cruising permit, but also a fishing permit and the prepayment of your departure fee. When this has been paid, you are free to head to the marina of your choice, and you're legally allowed to continue to sail in the area of up to 90 days.

Do you plan to travel to Andros using your own boat, or one you charter elsewhere? The following table contains a list of potential docking spots.

Name Phone Location
Kamalame Cay Marina (242) 368-6281 10.6 mi. (17.1 km) Northwest of Andros Town
Lighthouse Yacht Club and Marina (242) 368-2305 Andros Town
Morgan's Bluff Commercial Dock -- 34.5 mi. (55.6 km) North-Northwest of Andros Town

A day of sailing around the Andros Islands can be unpredicable, and bring a lot of joy. Whether you sail directly to the islands as your main form of international travel or charter a yacht for a day of island hopping, spending time out at sea is a great way to spend part of your vacation.


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