Snorkeling Around Andros

The underwater world that surrounds Andros offers snorkelers some of the most diverse and unique sites of all of the Bahamas.  Not only does the third largest reef system in the world protect these islands, but it is also home to the highest concentration of blue holes in the world.

Snorkeling is one of the most sought after activities for visitors staying here thanks to these unique features, and many accommodations have begun playing to this by offering not only free gear for guests to use at their leisure, but daily boat trips to some of the top sites as well.  If this is not true of your hotel, you can bring your own equipment or rent it from a local dive shop.

In 2002, the government created the Central Andros National Park to promote and sustain the reef, and as a result this area offers some of the healthiest coral in the chain.  You can make plans to visit this section and watch as the colorful reef fish dart in and out of the coral, looking for food and sometimes even interacting with visitors.  The section of reef off the coast of South Andros is also very well built up and visitors often find themselves in a trance as they sink into the quiet serenity of the calm, clear waters, losing themselves in the movement of the sea creatures that reside here.

As previously mentioned, the amount of blue holes that exist here are is astonishing.  These unique natural attractions are freshwater openings in the water that blast fresh water out of the earth several times a day.  This is attractive to a variety of marine life and snorkelers can't help but be impressed by the striking blue color of these holes. 

Snorkeling Sites

If you want to explore what's below the surface you might enjoy visiting Libens Point. A shallow snorkeling site, this destination is known for its elkhorn coral forest and abundance of star coral. This snorkeling site is located within Andros.

Trumpet Reef is another place you might enjoy. With waters that are between three and 15 feet deep, this reef system is great for snorkelers. The sights to be seen include staghorn, brain, and elkhorn coral as well as fish like trumperfish, grunts, angelfish, and yellowtail.

A third location to consider is Andros Barrier Reef. Part of one of the most expansive stretches of barrier reef in the world, this locale is heavily populated by reef fish. This fact makes it a popular stop for both snorkelers and scuba divers, who will be able to spot a number of different species, including snappers, groupers, and parrotfish.

A fourth place where you can go snorkeling is China Point. Known for its remarkably clear waters, even for the area, this site has a nice diversity of marine life. Snorkelers will see brain coral, sergent majors, blue tangs, grouper, trigger fish, squirrelfish, and angelfish regular. If you want to experience it for yourself, this site is found on Andros.

Goat Cay Beach is a fifth location to consider. Popular among beach-goers, this is a small snorkeling site that offers visitors glimpses of schools of reef fish among the sand dollars and sea biscuits

The following table has more details concerning 9 of the most popular locations where you can enjoy snorkeling in this area.

Snorkeling Sites Near Andros
Site Location Island
Libens Point 8.1 mi. North-Northwest of Central Andros Town North Andros Island
Trumpet Reef 2.2 mi. North of Central Andros Town North Andros Island
Andros Barrier Reef 14.8 mi. North-Northwest of Central Andros Town North Andros Island
China Point 9.5 mi. Northwest of Central Andros Town North Andros Island
Goat Cay Beach 1.8 mi. North of Central Andros Town North Andros Island
Love Hill Beach 2.3 mi. Northwest of Central Andros Town North Andros Island
North Beach 3.6 mi. Northwest of Central Andros Town North Andros Island
Red Shoal 11.2 mi. Northwest of Central Andros Town North Andros Island
Southern Bight Split 3.6 mi. Northwest of Central Congo Town Central Andros

For more information about snorkeling, including useful tips and suggestions for beginners and "pros" read this detailed guide to snorkeling in the Caribbean.

The rich sea life and superb conditions in the waters that surround Andros make this destination highly attractive to visitors who often plan strips specifically to take advantage of the snorkeling.  Even if this is not your prime goal, you'll still definitely want to make time to put on a snorkel and mask and take a look. 


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