Taxis on Andros

Calling for a cab is never a problem on Andros

Although it is recommended for tourists staying on Andros to rent a car in order to see as much of the island as possible, this option is not for everyone. Fortunately, taxis are available in abundance, ready to get tourists who don't want to drive themselves where they need and want to go.

Taxi Companies

You'll find taxis waiting to pick up passengers at the airports and ferry terminals, and on occasion you'll spot one on the streets and be able to wave the driver down. Still, your best option for ensuring you have a ride is to call any one of the many local taxi operators and have a driver pick you up.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

What you need to know about the cost of taking a taxi on Andros is that the rates have been preset by the government so you'll not be able to negotiate for a lower fare. Passengers pay $3(USD) to get into the cab, then $0.40(USD) for every quarter mile traveled. These rates are based on two passenger occupancy, and you'll pay an extra $3(USD) per person if more people are traveling with you. You may store two pieces of luggage in the trunk for free, but anything beyond that will cost extra.

Often, people who get along with their drivers will hire them to pick them up later on and take them on a tour of a particular area. These prices should be discussed with your driver, as these prices can be decided outside of the set rates. Whether you take a quick ride or do hire your driver for a tour, make sure to set aside an extra 15 percent or more for a tip.

Friendly drivers and reasonable prices make taxis a great option for local transportation when you're staying on Andros. Keep this in mind as an alternative option, even if you do decide to rent a car.


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