Activities on Anegada

Anegada, or the “Drowned Island” is the only island made of coral reef in the British Virgin Islands.  It is the least developed of the chain, with a very low population and very few buildings.  Even bars and restaurants mainly exist as huts on the beach.  Those attracted to this island find the deserted island feel to be most appealing and the fact that activities are sparse is a-okay with them.

Bike and Scooter Rental

With only one regular road, scooters can double as a fun why to explore the island, and as your main mode of transportation on the island.

If you like the idea of seeing the sights at a slower pace, there are two rental agencies that can help make it happen. To find out more about bike and scooter rentals, follow this link.


Anegada Diving

Anegada is known by divers for its proximity to the Horshoe Reef System, the third largest in the East Caribbean.

You'll find at least 4 interesting dive sites to choose from. Click to view our page concerning diving opportunities in this area.


The shallow shores surrounding Anegada makes it one of the region's best fly-fishing destinations. Additionally, as with the rest of the British Virgin Islands, sportsfishing is also avaliable, especially during the winter months.

Fishing is a popular activity here, as indicated by the presence of 5 charter fishing services located in this area. To read more about deep sea fishing in this area, read this page.

Sailing and Boating

View the table below to read more about firms that can enable you to spend some time out on the open water.

Boating Opportunities On Anegada
Name Type Phone Location Island
Powerboat Adventures Boating and Day-Sailing Provider (248) 346-5658 0.1 mi. South-Southeast of Central Setting Point Anegada

If you'd like to learn about area marinas and charter operators click here.


Click this link to visit our extended discussion of shopping on Anegada.


If exploring a watery world sounds fun there's good news -- you'll have plenty of chances to do so off the coast of Anegada. To read a more detailed discussion of local snorkeling opportunities, read this article.


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