Anegada Taxis

When you hire a cab on Anegada, you know you'll get up-front pricing and friendly service

As the second largest island in the British Virgin Islands chain, you'll need more than a good pair of hiking boots to get around Anegada. One of the most popular methods of transportation amongst tourists is taxis, which for a price can also serve as your chariot for a private tour around the island.

Taxi Companies

Local taxi companies are aware of the schedules of incoming flights and ferries, and without fail there are always a few milling around outside the airport and ferry terminals. Cabs do not have a standard design or body style on Anegada, but they are easily recognized by the dome light on the roof and the letters “TP” on the license plate.

A cab is a great way to get to your desired first stop on the island, whether that is your accommodations, a restaurant to get a meal, or a rental car agency.

Whether you plan to rent a car or utilize taxi services exclusively during your trip to Anegada, it helps to be aware of what is in store for you. With set rates and a sufficient amount of drivers, you can expect a great experience with hiring a cab on the island.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Taxis on Anegada are unmetered and have set rates based upon departure and arrival points as well as how many passengers are in the vehicle. Your driver will have this information printed on a card for you to view before you disembark. Always make sure to confirm the price before your driver puts the vehicle into gear.

If you'll be traveling to or from a location without a set price, the cab will then default to charging you by the mile. You can see the prices, which appear on a sliding scale, below.

Anegada Taxi Rates by Distance
Distance TravelledSingle RiderPer Person Fare for Two RidersFare Per Person for Three or More
1 Mile $3.00 (USD) $3.00 (USD) $3.00 (USD)
5 Miles $14.00 (USD) $9.00 (USD) $7.00 (USD)
10 Miles $28.00 (USD) $17.00 (USD) $14.00 (USD)
15 Miles $42.00 (USD) $26.00 (USD) $21.00 (USD)
20 Miles $56.00 (USD) $35.00 (USD) $28.00 (USD)
25 Miles $70.00 (USD) $44.00 (USD) $35.00 (USD)

Using the chart above, it is possible to estimate some typical fares, with some degree of error of course.

Want to know what you'll pay to use a cab? Check out this array of examples.

Typical Fares Around Anegada
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 5.50 - $ 6.00 Setting Point Ferry Dock Anegada Beach Cottages
$ 6.00 Auguste George Airport The Settlement
$ 8.00 - $ 9.50 Setting Point Ferry Dock Cow Wreck Beach Resort
$ 7.50 - $ 8.50 Setting Point Ferry Dock West End Point
$ 18.50 - $ 19.50 Auguste George Airport West End Point
$ 4.75 - $ 5.50 Auguste George Airport Loblolly Bay
$ 12.50 - $ 13.50 Setting Point Ferry Dock The Settlement
$ 11.00 Setting Point Ferry Dock Auguste George Airport
$ 15.50 - $ 16.00 Setting Point Ferry Dock Loblolly Bay

...get a more personal experience...


When your ride is over, you’ll need to decide how much of a tip your driver deserves. It is customary to tip a base of 15 percent, so if you feel as though you’ve been well-taken care of, 15 percent of your total bill would be a nice offering of appreciation. In addition to the extra fee charged for carrying luggage, you may also consider adding $1 to $2(USD) per bag.

Taxi drivers are trained and willing to give tours of the island. If you’d like to hire your driver to take you around and show you the sites, check the chart below to find out how much that will cost you. This is a great alternative to signing up with a tour group because you get a more personal experience and you can talk with your driver and focus on specific sites that you want to see more than others.

Anegada Taxi Tour Fee
Party Size1 Hour Tour2 Hour TourThree Hour TourFour Hour Tour
Single or Double Rider $55.00 (USD) $110.00 (USD) $165.00 (USD) $220.00 (USD)
Three Riders $70.00 (USD) $130.00 (USD) $190.00 (USD) $250.00 (USD)
Four Riders $85.00 (USD) $150.00 (USD) $215.00 (USD) $280.00 (USD)
Five Riders $100.00 (USD) $170.00 (USD) $240.00 (USD) $310.00 (USD)
Each Additional Rider $15.00 (USD) $20.00 (UDS) $25.00 (USD) $30.00 (USD)

Exceptions to the fare charts are as follows:

  • Children under the age of three ride free.

  • Children between four and 10 ride for half fare.

  • There is no charge for your first piece of luggage, but each additional parcel is $1(USD) a piece.

  • Pets, only secured in a carrier, are $15(USD) a piece.

  • Taxis charge $10(USD) for each block of 15 minutes that they wait on you after the first 15 minutes.

  • Between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. rates rise by 30 percent.

Drivers will attempt to accommodate as many passengers as is possible at one time, and tourists will quickly learn that this is a money saver for them and welcome the crowd. The more people in the cab, the less each individual is accountable for at the end of the ride.


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