Anguilla Hotels with 2 Stars

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2 Star Anguilla

With lots of places to stay, from cottages with personal service to large hotels with upscale facilities, Anguilla is the perfect destination for all types of people. Those listed below have a rating of 1.5 or 2 stars. Though at these hotels you probably won't find lavish rooms or extreme features, their modest but high quality facilities are perfect for most people.

For visitors looking for a nice place to stay that won't put a strain on their wallets, these 1.5 and 2 star hotels are probably the best places to start. But, their reasonable price tags are not the only thing that makes them worth checking out. Many people prefer the more casual atmosphere that isn't always present at some of the fancier resorts.

Our ratings were created from a few different sources. They are derived from data obtained from industry sources, personnel interviews, as well as hotel websites -- providing you with valuable insight before you select a property. Learning about the following properties is easy. They are ordered alphabetically starting with the Ferryboat Inn. Just click on one of the hotels and you will be taken to a page dedicated to the details of what the hotel has to offer.

2 Star Hotels in Anguilla
Hotel Name Location
Ferryboat Inn 0.5 mi. South-Southwest of Blowing Point, Anguilla
Nathan's Cove Meads Bay, Anguilla

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