Anguilla Hotels with 4 Stars

Photo credit: © Anguilla Tourist Board

4 Star Anguilla

There are certainly plenty of lodgings in Anguilla, from low-key inns and cottages to upscale rooms with amazing decor. Hotels listed on this page have been given 3.5 or 4 stars. These hotels and resorts have the richest decor and one-of-a-kind service, turning any vacation into a truly fabulous getaway.

Luxurious surroundings, complimented by one-of-a-kind comforts, are just a few of the reasons that guests are in love with Anguilla's upscale hotels. With everything anyone could ever need just a call away at a hotel with 3.5 or 4 stars, these properties make for one amazing getaway of a lifetime.

Our ratings were created from a few different sources. They are based on data provided by industry sources, interviews with hotel personnel, and hotel websites -- helping you to know what you're in for before you book your vacation. Learning more about the following properties is a breeze. They are ordered alphabetically beginning with the Anacaona Boutique Hotel. Just click on any hotel and you will be taken to our comprehensive articles about the options it has in store.

4 Star Hotels in Anguilla
Hotel Name Location Tennis Court Swimming Pool
Anacaona Boutique Hotel West End, Anguilla
Carimar Beach Club Meads Bay, Anguilla
Frangipani Beach Resort Meads Bay, Anguilla
Las Esquinas LockRum Bay, Anguilla

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