Attractions in Anguilla

There are plenty of attractions for Anguilla's visitors to explore

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Beach-going is the main draw for many of Anguilla's visitors -- in fact, many consider Anguilla's beaches to be among the most beautiful in the world. Its dazzling white sands and turquoise seas attract visitors to this tiny island paradise, but other interesting attractions add to Anguilla's interest.


Sandy Ground Beach

There are over 30 beaches in Anguilla, all of which are open to the public. Though many would agree that there is no such thing as a "bad" beach in Anguilla, if you want to know how to spot one of the best beaches, be on the lookout for a string of high-end resorts right along the shore line. The presence of these resorts will be a good indication that the beach front property is some of the most sought after on the island. Animal-lovers may be lucky enough to see turtles laying their eggs on the beach, but if not, crabs and lizards also abound. A few beaches also display striking stone formations, built by the waves as large pieces of coral wash ashore.

You will find a large selection of beaches to visit on the island. Whether you prefer people watching, or you prefer having more of the sand to yourself, you should be able to find just the right beach. You can click on each beach name for detailed information about that beach.

Attractions Map

Sandy Ground Beach: Sandy Ground Beach is one of the most popular beaches in all of Anguilla. This strip of sand is busy day and night with its many piers and just as numerous bars and nightlife options.

A second location worth considering is Junks Hole. Junk's Hole is easily accessible by road. It's fairly isolated once you're there, but there is a nearby bar.

Sandy Island Beach: There is only one way to reach Sandy Island, and that is by boat.

Anguilla has several additional beach choices. For more in formation concerning beaches available, click here.

Landmark Attractions

Old Fort at Sandy Hill

Although much of Anguilla is only lightly developed, you can still get a sense of its history. Several small museums and a few private collectors welcome visitors to view their artifacts. Anguilla's past is full of intriguing stories. There is only one surviving plantation house that shows what life was like in the 18th and 19th centuries. But other historic buildings have also been restored, with some of them now home to small businesses, including a famous restaurant. At the Old Salt Factory and Pump House, tours demonstrate the inner workings of this once-important island industry.

A common landmark for vacationers is Wallblake House. It is found in the Valley, in central Anguilla. Wallblake House is the oldest and most intact plantation house on Anguilla, built in 1787. The entire complex of buildings is intact, including kitchens, worker's quarters and stables.

Additionally, if the more functional aspects of maritime life intrigue you, consider visiting Sombrero Lighthouse. Due to it's distance from Anguilla, on a secluded island, Sombrero Lighthouse is rarely visited. The island was once mined for it's phosphate supply, in the 1800s and now has been left to the birds.

Heritage Collection Museum: Now a site of historical significance that is part of the Anguilla Heritage Trail, this private museum is run by a local writer who is also a huge wealth of knowledge regarding history and culture of the island. The property details the fascinating history of the island's people, from the British settlement and importation of slaves to averting plans to depopulate the island.

These are only a few of the available choices. To get more information about other interesting places to visit this topic, go to this guide to other interesting landmarks on Anguilla.

...Many bird species live on Anguilla......


While Anguilla's dry conditions limit the island's flora and fauna, they do provide the right environment to nurture a natural beauty all its own. Windswept trees sculpted by the prevailing breezes lean permanently to one side. Vividly colored flowers, tropical fruits, and cactus all thrive in Anguilla's climate. Many bird species live on Anguilla, and migratory birds visit during their travels. Anguilla's fondness for goats means you will likely see some of these friendly animals roaming in search of tasty grass.

Anguilla's small national park features a cave with a natural spring, and a few other small caves and holes dot the island's landscape. In a hole near the shore, the sea crashing up from the bottom creates a dramatic show. To really get in touch with your inner Robinson Crusoe, take a day trip to explore one of the nearby uninhabited islands. Click here to read about Anguilla's ferries.


Even though most visitors are attracted by the beaches, those aren't the only way to enjoy the natural wonders available. Anguilla offers some great choices, including a couple of caves.

The table below enables you to learn a few details concerning caves.

Caves On Anguilla
Name Type Location
Dropsey Bay Cave Cave 1.9 mi. South West of Central East End
Goat Cave Cave 2.9 mi. Northeast of Central East End


Guests can visit the local park on Anguilla.

Parks On Anguilla
Name Type Location Island
Coronation Park Park The Valley, Central Anguilla Anguilla

Land Formations

Another idea is to visit some of the more popular naturally occurring land formations. Fully natural attractions like these on Anguilla are provided in the chart below.

Land Formations On Anguilla
Name Type Location
Barnes Bay Bay 0.9 mi. West-Southwest of Central Meads Bay
Benzie's Bay Bay Central Anguilla
Black Garden Bay Bay 2.1 mi. North-Northwest of Central the Valley
Bucks Bay Bay 1.6 mi. Northwest of Central Blowing Point
Cove Pond Pond 0.8 mi. South of Central Meads Bay
Golf Pond Pond 1.5 mi. South West of Central Meads Bay
Grey Pond Pond 1.0 mi. Northeast of Central East End
Junk's Hole Bay Bay 2.0 mi. Northeast of Central East End
Katouche Bay Bay Central Anguilla
Long Bay Bay 1.0 mi. Northeast of Central Meads Bay
Long Pond Pond 1.8 mi. South West of Central East End
Maundays Bay Bay 1.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central Meads Bay
Meads Bay Bay 0.3 mi. North-Northwest of Central Meads Bay
Meads Bay Pond Pond 0.3 mi. East of Central Meads Bay
Pelican Bay Bay 0.8 mi. East-Southeast of Central Blowing Point
Road Bay Bay Central Anguilla
Road Salt Pond Pond Sandy Ground Village, Central Anguilla
Seafeathers Bay Bay 0.9 mi. South-Southeast of Central East End
Sherrick's Bay Bay 0.4 mi. West-Southwest of Central Shoal Bay West
West End Pond Pond 1.6 mi. South West of Central Meads Bay

Visitors seeking to escape the everyday in a world-class, stunning setting will be thrilled to discover Anguilla.


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