When is the Best Time to Visit Anguilla?

There are two distinct seasons for travel in the Caribbean

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When to Visit Anguilla

When cooler temperatures begin to nip at residents of North America and Europe, many travelers choose to make the Caribbean their vacation destination. Although winter is the most popular travel season in the Caribbean, there can be distinct benefits to traveling during the off-season.

The lushly adorned landscapes, the clean sandy beaches, and the invigorating blue waters make traveling to Anguilla an appealing option throughout the year. However, frigid temperatures in other areas of the world seems to spur travelers to visit the island during the popular Caribbean tourist season of mid-December to mid-April.


Anguilla Weather

The average yearly temperature in Anguilla is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with only slight variations in the warmer or cooler periods. The island is relatively dry, with just 35 inches of annual rainfall. The rainy season in Anguilla occurs during the summer and fall hurricane months. Hurricane season in the Atlantic lasts from the beginning of June until the end of November, and these menacing Atlantic storm systems keep many travelers from visiting the region during this time. Anguilla, located in the north of the Leeward Islands, is subject to frequent Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes.

Anguilla's Off-Season

...trade winds keep the island's summer temperatures mild and enjoyable.

Despite the threat of hurricanes and increased rainfall, the summer months can still be a pleasant time to visit the island. With its northern position in the Caribbean, trade winds keep the island's summer temperatures mild and enjoyable. Summer can also be better for scuba divers, as water visibility is at its highest. The off-season in the Caribbean, from the middle of April to the middle of December, does offer travelers significant savings on air travel and accommodations, with prices being slashed up to 50 percent. Crowds will decrease significantly during this time, meaning that travelers may find it easier to find that secluded beach or secure a dinner reservation. Travelers who decide to travel during this time period should keep a watchful eye on Atlantic storm developments prior to and during their trip.

Travelers should also be aware that many hotels and restaurants may curtail their hours or shut down for weeks or months at a time during this period. Recreation vendors may also limit their services. With the number of tourists on the island so low, many hotels will use the off season to conduct repairs and renovation of their properties. In order to avoid staying in a construction zone, travelers should check with hotels to determine what types of construction will be going on and how it is expected to impact visitors.


Hotels and restaurants that are under construction during this time period are readying themselves for the busy tourist season when these services will rise to meet the higher demand of travelers. Hotels and restaurants will be newly renovated and fully staffed to provide the highest quality of customer attention and care. The influx of vacationers and day trippers from St. Maarten will mean that recreation and adventure services will be running at full capacity. Because these winter months are so popular, flights and hotels are booked months in advance. This is especially true at the nicer resorts. Travelers looking to vacation in Anguilla during the tourist season should make their reservations far in advance. Since the island is known for its cuisine, restaurant reservations are essential even during the winter months.

Events and Festivals

Anguilla Events and Festivals

A number of festivals and holidays take place in Anguilla, and travelers should take advantage of the opportunity to experience some local culture. Late February brings the Moonsplash Annual Music Festival with international talent, and the relatively new Annual Jazz Festival occurs only a few weeks later in the middle of March. A second jazz festival, the Tranquility Jazz Festival, takes place in the second week of November. The Anguilla Annual Yacht Regatta is held in early May, while a boat race is also held in celebration of Easter. Carnival, during the first part of August, includes the traditional pageantry and excitement of the festival.

There are benefits to vacationing during both the high and low travel seasons in Anguilla. This is lucky for vacationers who don't have much choice in when their vacation takes place. Travelers in complete control of their trip have a much harder choice to make, but should take comfort in knowing that Anguilla will rise up to greet them regardless of when they choose to go.


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