Blanchards Beach Shack

Thanks in part to the success of their flagship eatery Blanchards Restaurant, the dynamic duo that is Bob and Melinda Blanchard opened Blanchards Beach Shack in 2011. The Shack offers unpretentious beach side dining, standing as one of Anguilla's most innovative and appealing options for culinary enjoyment.


Some of the Blanchard couple's favorite offerings are available on the menu at Blanchards Beach Shack, including homemade corn tortilla tacos, jerk-chicken sandwiches, and lobster rolls. Enjoy a mixed beverage, a glass of carefully selected wine, or a beer with your meal, and stop by for frozen yogurt when it is the only thing that will satisfy you on a hot day. The restaurant utilizes the freshest ingredients, and opts for organic as often as possible.

Blanchards Beach Shack is a popular bar and grill that happens to specialize in eclectic cuisine. When it comes to the level of formaility, the setting here is very casual. This eatery is open for both dinner and lunch, so why not stop by?


The pastel exterior of Blanchards Beach Shack lets you know right away that this is a restaurant located on a beach in the Caribbean. Surrounded by palm trees, umbrella-shielded tables, and of course, the beach, it doesn't get much more tropical than this.


Blanchards Beach Shack is located in Meads Bay, in Anguilla; it is 2.8 miles to the west of Blowing Point.

This area does have its benefits such as CuisinArt Resort Golf Course and Meads Bay. The latter is the most convenient place to access the beach, and is in the same area as Blanchards Beach Shack.

Nearby Restaurants

If you and your group are trying to find another restaurant in the region that has some similar menu items or a similar ambiance, there are quite a few nearby options to consider, including Bamboo Bar & Grill. Find it three quarters of a mile to the south west of this restaurant.

Then again, if you're in the mood for something a little different, this part of Anguilla boasts a long list of restaurants, offering all types of cuisine styles and flavors. For instance, you could also try Caribbean fare at Sarjai’s, which is a short distance away.

Cost and Hours

Anguilla is known for restaurants with expensive meals. Blanchards Beach Shack offers a welcome reprieve, with a menu of very affordable prices. Blanchards Beach Shack's operating hours are from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. The Shack is open Monday through Saturday from October 5 through December 16, seven days a week December 17 through January 5, and Monday through Saturday January 6 through August 31.

Contact Info

Location: Meads Bay Road, Meads Bay, Anguilla

Phone: (264) 497-6100

Secondary Phone: (561) 705-6082




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