Clothing and Attire in Anguilla

Dressing appropriately in Anguilla is a breeze, but don't forget to respect local customs

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Anguilla Clothing

Choosing the right items to bring on your tropical vacation to Anguilla means packing clothing appropriate for the weather and culture.

Since the island maintains a tropical climate almost all year long, you'll probably want to bring light comfortable clothing along with plenty of beach wear for long days of sunbathing and swimming in the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean.


During the warm and sunny days, travelers may want to wear light materials such as comfortable cottons. It is never actually cold in Anguilla, but the island breezes can get slightly cooler in the evenings. You may want to bring light sweater or jacket in case you get chilly. The island sometimes experiences short, unexpected showers, especially in the winter months. Storms generally come in short bursts, and sparkling sunshine soon follows. Pack umbrellas and rain gear that aren't too cumbersome, so you can quickly put them away after the rain.

Anguilla's beaches are one of the main reasons that tourists visit the island, so bringing adequate beach wear is definitely a must. Swimsuits and trunks are appropriate at the beach and around hotel swimming pools, but bikini tops and going shirtless is generally frowned upon in towns, shops, restaurants, and other common areas. Definitely pack a cover-up while walking around the grounds of your hotel or resort. The island has an overall casual atmosphere, so shorts for both men and women are acceptable for almost every event. If you're going to dine at a fancy restaurant, travelers should wear dressy casual attire, such as a nice slacks or a sun dress.

If you're invited to an island party or function, be sure to inquire about the social setting. If the event is casual, men should wear a pair of nice slacks, but no tie. If the event is formal, men should sport a tie and women should wear a nice dress. If the affair is black-tie, men should wear a jacket or blazer and women should dress up.

Packing your clothing should be one of the easiest things you do in preparation for your getaway to amazing Anguilla.  Simply imagine yourself at each setting you hope to encounter, and you'll know exactly what to wear.


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