All About Crime in Anguilla

Anguilla is generally a safe and peaceful island paradise

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Crime in Anguilla

Although travelers should never fail to be aware of the threat and danger of crime, Anguilla's vacationers will be heartened to learn that island has a relatively low crime rate. Nevertheless, travelers should always take common sense precautions in order to ensure their safety.

Whenever traveling abroad, vacationers should keep a watchful eye on themselves, their possessions, and their surroundings. Although crime is not typically considered a problem on the small peaceful island, Anguilla has seen both petty and violent crimes. If you should fall victim to crime while vacationing in Anguilla, immediately contact the local authorities and your local consulate or embassy. Consular agents will assist you in securing any legal, medical, or financial assistance that you may need as a result of the crime.


Take common sense precautions to protect yourself. Never leave your valuables and possessions unattended at the beach or in your car, as unguarded items are easy targets for thieves. Additionally, never leave your valuables unguarded in your hotel room. Many hotels have in-room safes or a front desk safety deposit in which to lock your important possessions. Passports are popular items for thieves, and travelers should always keep these safe and secure.

Flashing large amounts of money, jewelry, or electronic equipment can increase your risk of falling victim to a theft. Travelers may wish to keep credit cards, cash, and passports in several locations in order to prevent all of their valuables from being stolen in the event of a theft. Other common sense precautions include avoiding deserted and unlit areas at night, especially if you are alone.

Travelers who visit Anguilla should not consider crime a serious concern. Still, it's best to always be on the lookout for the safety of you and your possessions. Although the island's weather and beaches makes Anguilla a tropical paradise, travelers should never let their guard down.


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