Food in Anguilla

Fine food and restaurants are ubiquitous on this small island

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Food in Anguilla

Anguilla has over 70 restaurants serving various types of Caribbean and international cuisine. The island is well known for a number of restaurants, and internationally recognized wine cellars and chefs provide travelers with some of the region's finest culinary experiences.


Although Anguilla is noted for a number of international restaurants that have received prestigious accolades, these are not the only dining options available to vacationers. Small bakeries and cafes can be found alongside fast food and Chinese restaurants. Diners can enjoy some of the island's nicer establishments as they overlook a beach sunset. Fine French and Italian cuisines are combined with Caribbean flavors with delightful results in some of the finest restaurants on the island, and diners can select from wine cellars that have tens of thousands of bottles.  Look for the highest concentration of restaurants to be in the most popular tourist destinations, such as Sandy Ground, Shoal Bay, the Valley, and West End.   There are also a handful of hotels in Meads Bay, Shoal Bay, and the Valley that boast restaurants.  Read about them at our guide to the Best Hotels for Dining Options page.

...sipping on a rum cocktail and watching a sunset...


Although the island boasts a number of fine restaurants, budget travelers also have options for quick and inexpensive meals. The island's barbecues, fast food restaurants, and unpretentious restaurants and bars serve meals ranging from $5(USD) to $15(USD). Meals at moderately priced restaurants will cost between $15(USD) and $30(USD), while the island's most prestigious restaurants have entrees that run from $30(USD) to $50(USD). Three course meals can easily cost $40(USD) to $60(USD) and up, depending on the quality of the restaurant. Some restaurants also have food and wine tasting menus. Numerous courses and fine wine will significantly increase the overall cost of a meal.

Culinary Styles


Dining options are diverse in Anguilla, and travelers should choose restaurants and cuisines that appeal to them.  While many of the most popular restaurants in Anguilla serve up international fare, local specialties have not become extinct.  Because much of the island's seafood is caught directly off the coast and served fresh daily, you can be sure to find local customs at work in the preparation of dishes from the sea.  Lobster, conch, snapper, and grouper are particular favorites.  Local produce such as pigeon peas, limes, mangoes, and coconuts is also often included in many dishes.  You can expect to find Johnny Cakes on the side of most local meals. Read more about Anguilla's culinary styles by clicking here.


Travelers who are wine connoisseurs should certainly take advantage of the restaurants that boast extensive wine lists, though relaxing at an unpretentious beach bar while sipping on a rum cocktail and watching a sunset is a real possibility as well.

The options are numerous, and the choices are yours. Choose a restaurant and cuisine that excites and entices you. Like Anguilla itself, your dining experiences are likely to leave you satisfied long after you leave this small island.


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