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Although Anguilla covers an area of only 35 square miles, there are more than 70 restaurants on the island, many of which serve world class cuisine and have extensive wine lists. Gastronomically inclined travelers will enjoy the island's finest French and international dishes.

Travelers in Anguilla are treated to gorgeous beaches and a peaceful environment, but the rewards of visiting the small island do not stop there. Vacationers have an opportunity to indulge in cuisine prepared by internationally recognized chefs as they dine on terraces and patios overlooking the white sand of Anguilla's magical beaches. It is the number of restaurants boasting international cuisine and impressive wine lists that make this island such a favored destination for food lovers.  As further proof, in 2014 Conde Nast Traveler ranked this destination sixth on a top ten list of the best food destinations in the Caribbean.

...delectable assortment of eclectic dishes.


A number of cuisines are represented on the island, and many restaurants blend international cuisines with Caribbean flavors to produce a delectable assortment of eclectic dishes. Locally caught seafood specialties include lobster, conch, and grouper. Conch can be prepared using Creole influenced spices and sauces, and lobster is often prepared with spices and herbs or used to make a spicy bisque. Snapper is another popular fish that is prepared in a number of ways. Shredded salt fish served with peppers and onions is a popular breakfast dish.

Other popular local ingredients include coconut and pigeon peas, a favorite local vegetable. Potatoes, limes, and mangoes are also found on the island, as are a number of herbs. Pigeon peas typically come with seasoned rice to accompany a number of main course dishes. Johnny cakes, made without yeast, are another local favorite.


Fine French cuisine is also found on the island with dishes such as foie gras and snail complementing inventive French meat, game, and seafood dishes. A number of restaurants also prepare Asian inspired dishes, with dishes such as snapper with teriyaki and soya and North Indian chicken. Lamb and veal are also widely enjoyed on the island.

To complement the fine cuisine, many island restaurants boast extensive wine lists, featuring Italian, French, California, and other international vintages. Wine connoisseurs may choose for themselves, while novices may consult the restaurant's sommelier (wine specialists), who is available to help patrons choose a bottle to match their meal. Some restaurants on the island maintain wine cellars of more than 15,000 and 25,000 bottles and have gained international recognition from publications such as Wine Spectator. Any traveler who enjoys the pairing of meticulously prepared and inventive food with some of the world's finest wines should seriously consider Anguilla as their destination of choice in the Caribbean.

Although wine is a favorite here, travelers should not forget to enjoy the rum that is so ubiquitous in the Caribbean. Enjoy it straight or sip on a fruity cocktail as you enjoy a day at the beach. Local Pyrat Rum comes in a number of manifestations, from the smooth award winning Pyrat Planters Gold XO Reserve to the white Pyrat Superior Blanco and the orange flavored Pyrat Savage Liqueur.

Whether you are enjoying a smooth rum cocktail, an expensive French wine, or a flavorful Caribbean dish, the food and drink of Anguilla make the island a feast for the senses.


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