Can We Talk in Anguilla?

Language is an important concern when traveling to a foreign country

On occasion, the most complicated part of taking a vacation can be communicating with local residents. Language barriers can make even small business transactions difficult for travelers. Luckily, many travelers will have no problem communicating in Anguilla.

Travelers from the United Kingdom, North America, Australia, and many other parts of the world should have no problem speaking the official language of Anguilla: English. While many of the islands in the Caribbean have strong Dutch or French roots, Anguilla is a part of the British West Indies and retains the language of those who settled there over 400 years ago. Although English is the official language of Anguilla, travelers are likely to encounter a significant West Indian accent within the language

While travelers who only speak English may have difficulties with the Dutch, French, and Spanish spoken on other Caribbean islands, they should feel comfortable in Anguilla. Vacationers may wish to take advantage of the shared language by seizing the opportunity to speak with the island's friendly residents. Learn about local history or merely chat about island life with your tour guide. The exchanging of pleasantries is important in Anguilla, and English speakers should be sure to engage in this custom.

Whether you are a fluent English speaker, or speak just enough of the language to get by, you should find the English-speaking residents of Anguilla to be friendly and welcoming.


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