How to Decide What You Want for your Vacation in Anguilla

Travelers need to make several decisions as they plan their trip to Anguilla

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The decision to travel to Anguilla can be quite an easy one. The island's pristine beaches and delightful food delight visitors' senses. But before departing, travelers must make important decisions about travel plans, hotel arrangements, and daily itineraries.


Travelers can make their way by air or sea to this small island in the north of the Leeward Islands. Wallblake Airport, located in the center of the island, is Anguilla's only airport and receives flights from other islands. Nonstop flights from the United States and Europe are not available, but travelers can easily connect to Anguilla via Puerto Rico to the east, or from other nearby islands including Antigua, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and St. Kitts. Although a connecting flight is required, the ease and speed of air travel convinces many travelers to fly to Anguilla.


Cruises are another option for visiting Anguilla. Travelers can take small cruise lines to islands in the eastern Caribbean, including Anguilla. Nearby St. Maarten is one of the most popular cruise destinations in all of the Caribbean, and travelers can take a ferry from that island to Anguilla. Cruise travel and ferry day trips allow travelers to include Anguilla in their Caribbean travel without spending their entire vacation there.

Yachting facilities in Anguilla are limited, but sailors who are touring the Leeward Islands in the northern and eastern Caribbean can call on the quiet and scenic island.

Travelers have several options for touring Anguilla once they have arrived, including taxis, rental cars, bikes, and mopeds. For freedom and mobility, many travelers will choose rental cars. Fixed rate taxis are an option for travelers who will be doing less traveling, since costs can quickly add up if traveling to several locations in a day. Two-wheeled transportation may be ideal for adventurous travelers who want to see the countryside on a bike or zip around town on a scooter.

Visitors have a variety of transportation choices for getting to and around Anguilla. It's hard to go wrong as long as you get there. Still, travelers should consider their travel plans as they think about the vacation experience they would like to have.

Staying There

Although Anguilla is small, the island has quite a few hotels. Travelers can choose from a number of accommodation styles, from luxurious resorts to rental properties to small inns. Most accommodations are located in the southwest and northeast areas of the island. Beaches are concentrated in both of these areas, and dive sites are concentrated on the northeastern shore.

While all-inclusive resorts are appealing to many travelers, they are not prevalent on Anguilla. However, there are some hotels and resorts that offer package deals with lodging, meals, activities, spa and health services, and entertainment.

Travelers who value intimacy and quiet may choose to stay at a smaller guesthouse, inn, or rental villa. These accommodations allow travelers to escape the crowds of tourists. In particular, rental villas can provide complete privacy.

Activities and Sites

After choosing how to travel and where to stay, the most exciting part of the decision making process can be deciding what to do. There are a number of activities and attractions to enjoy in Anguilla, and travelers should explore anything that captures their interest.

The captivating beaches for which the island is known are a primary attraction, and travelers should take time to explore at least several of them during their stay. Good snorkeling can be enjoyed at a number of these beaches, and there are several dive sites along the northeast coast. The normal assortment of watersports are also available.

Travelers can take a day trip by ferry to St. Maarten, where the duty-free shopping outshines Anguilla's modest shops. Still, travelers can find crafts, art, fabrics, and even some luxury items on Anguilla.

The choices are yours as you plan your trip to Anguilla. With serene beaches and ample actives at your fingertips, it is hard to go wrong on this British Caribbean island.


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