Planning Your Vacation in Anguilla

Travelers have much to consider as they plan a trip to Anguilla

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Anguilla Travel Planning

With so much information to understand and explore, planning a  trip to Anguillacan be exciting as well as slightly intimidating. This guide will put you at ease by explaining all of the necessary steps you must take when traveling to this gorgeous and untouched island.

Travelers should realize that Anguilla does not have the large scale shopping or other attractions that islands such as St. Maarten have. Anguilla is known for its fine food and lovely beaches, but travelers who desire lots of shops and entertainment may be dissapointed. Luckily, a day trip to St. Martin for the added tourist attractions can easily be arranged via ferry.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a peaceful vacation with bountiful opportunities for dining, then Anguilla is your island. If you are still trying to decide whether to go to Anguilla or not, read this article. If you have made the decision to visit, some careful planning will help you create your dream vacation.

Getting Info

Begin by learning more about life on the island. Learn about how locals interact, opportunities for eco-tourism, and whether you need to bring electrical converters or adapters. You can consult a number of resources on these subjects, including other articles on this site, as well as books and magazines.

...plan on visiting a number of beaches...


When to Go

Trade winds cool the tropical temperatures in Anguilla, keeping the climate pleasant, even in the summer. The island is also fairly dry, meaning that vacations may not necessarily be rained out during the summer rainy season. However, hurricane season, which lasts from June to November, is an important consideration for all travelers. The most popular time to visit the island is the tourist season of mid-December to mid-April.

Making Decisions

Travelers can visit the island by taking a flight from neighboring islands such as St. Maarten or Puerto Rico, or by taking to the ocean aboard a small cruise vessel or yacht. Once on the island, travelers must choose where to stay and how to get around. Beaches are never far away, but accommodations and beaches are concentrated in the southwest and northeast areas of the county.


Travelers should plan on visiting a number of beaches during their stay, as they all have their own distinct qualities. Some visitors will want to make arrangements for scuba diving, snorkeling, or a day cruise. Shoppers can find a number of crafts and goods on the island or take the ferry to St. Maarten for entertainment and duty-free shopping.

Booking Your Trip

As prospective travelers weigh their vacation options, they will undoubtedly begin to think about their choices for booking their vacation. Although the Internet has become the most popular way of securing travel reservations, vacationers may also arrange for the services of a travel agent or phone representative.

After deciding to visit Anguilla, travelers can use their research to begin dreaming of the island's alluring beaches.


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