American Cuisine in Anguilla

Restaurants serving American cuisine

While exploring Anguilla, expect to be able to sample a variety of places to sit down to a meal. Fans of American cuisine should take note of those restaurants offering this cuisine on the menu. Luckily, you're likely to come across plenty of restaurants that offer this favorite.

Your plate will be full of choices, from the very casual atmosphere at A Burger to the scrumptious breakfast and lunch at Le Bon Pain, there's a menu suited for each traveler and every mood.

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Below, read more about this full list of places serving American cuisine in Anguilla. Find the one that makes your mouth water and click its name to view the full article about its hours, locale, and even nearby attractions.

Da' Vida Restaurant & Spa

Crocus Hill | (264) 498-5433

Da' Vida Restaurant & Spa is situated in Crocus Hill, a neighborhood in Anguilla; 0.7 miles to the west of the Valley. This is one local eatery that's enjoyed, not merely for its American cuisine and seafood, but wouldn't you know they're also good at tapas. <p>Black and white themed set ups on an open air deck showcasing the beautiful Caribbean waters provides an ambiance of island glamour.</p>

The Pumphouse

Sandy Ground Village | (264) 497-5154

The Pumphouse can be found toward the center of Sandy Ground Village. Don't overlook Sandy Ground Village for an unforgettable experience with the special: pizza. <p>The Pumphouse serves up delicious plates of burgers and fries, steaks and salads. In an effort to raise the bar in flavor and creativeness, the restaurant has brought in Executive Chef Alvarez to infuse his innovative cooking style with American classics.</p>

Smitty's on the Beach

Island Harbour | (264) 497-4300

Located in Island Harbour, in the general vicinity of East End, Smitty's on the Beach is a good choice for people who are going to check out this neighborhood or the surrounding area. It's northeast of the Valley. The fresh taste of fish and American flair come together for some great dishes at this restaurant. <p>The house specialty at Smitty's is grilled crayfish and beer, which says it all about this casual Island Harbour hot spot! Enjoy some rum punch while you watch a sporting event on one of their televisions.</p>

Sandy Island

Sandy Ground Village | (264) 476-6534

Located 2.9 miles northwest of Blowing Point, Sandy Island is a viable option for travelers who are going to be spending time seeing this part of the island. It is 2.0 miles west-northwest of Sandy Ground Village. Are you in the mood for plain delicious American food in an easy-going setting? Then definitely don't miss the naturally relaxing bites and backdrop at this bistro. <p>Sandy Island requires a ferry trip to get to, as it's rests offshore near a beautiful reef. It's quite a treat to check this place out. Catch the sea shuttle Happiness from the small pier at Sandy Ground Beach. It costs $10.00 per person round trip.</p>

Tasty's Restaurant

South Hill | (264) 584-2737

Positioned 1.0 mile north of Blowing Point, Tasty's Restaurant is on Main Road. Sandy Ground Village is three quarters of a mile (one and a quarter kilometers) to the north-northeast. The fresh taste of fish and American fare are a great pair at this noteworthy dining option. <p>The beautiful pastel color of an island paradise greets you at Tasty's Café which is airy, clean, and inviting. The decor depicts local art of local beaches, images of sailing and fishing, and other pieces that are indicative of the every day life and culture of Anguillans. It's not on the beach, but the lack of view doesn't take away from the attraction of Tasty's. It's fun, tasty dining in a convenient location.</p>

American Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
A Burger 1.1 mi. Northwest of Central Blowing Point American (264) 497-3535
Da' Vida Restaurant & Spa Crocus Hill, Central Anguilla American, Caribbean (264) 498-5433
Elodias Beach Bar & Grill 1.3 mi. South West of Central Meads Bay American, Caribbean (264) 497-1257
English Rose Restaurant Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla American, Caribbean (264) 497-5353
Falcon's Nest 1.6 mi. North of Central East End American (264) 772-1127
Fat Cat Gourmet to Go The Valley, Central Anguilla American (264) 497-2307
Johnno's Beach Stop Sandy Ground Village, Central Anguilla American (264) 497-2728
Le Bon Pain 1.7 mi. North-Northwest of Central East End American (264) 497-4090
Mango's 1.0 mi. West of Central Shoal Bay West American, Caribbean (264) 497-6479
Sandy Island 2.9 mi. Northwest of Central Blowing Point American, Caribbean (264) 476-6534
Smitty's on the Beach 1.8 mi. North of Central East End American, Caribbean (264) 497-4300
Tasty's Restaurant 1.0 mi. North of Central Blowing Point American, Caribbean (264) 584-2737
The Pumphouse Sandy Ground Village, Central Anguilla American (264) 497-5154
The Restaurant at Malliouhana 0.5 mi. North-Northeast of Central Meads Bay American, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Vegan, Vegetarian (786) 261-0800
Uncle Earnie's Beach Bar 2.9 mi. North-Northeast of Central the Valley American (264) 497-3907

Similar Food

If your preferences are flexible, you will find similarly satisfying flavors at places like Barrel Stay Restaurant where they're offering up Creole food.

Or don't forget to check out the featured dishes from one of these restaurants:

Restaurants with Similar Specialties
Restaurant Name Phone Specialty Location
The Place (246) 584-6501 Hamburgers 0.8 mi. West of Central Blowing Point
The Ferryboat Inn Restaurant and Bar (264) 497-6613 Hamburgers 0.4 mi. South of Central Blowing Point
B&D's BBQ -- Barbecue 0.1 mi. Northwest of Central Meads Bay
Blanchards Beach Shack (264) 497-6100 Comfort Food 0.3 mi. Northeast of Central Meads Bay
Prickly Pear Bar & Restaurant (264) 235-5864 Barbecue 6.2 mi. North-Northwest of Central Meads Bay
Sun Shine Shack (264) 746-0649 Barbecue 1.3 mi. West of Central Blowing Point
Fish Shack & Grill (264) 729-9696 Barbecue 0.2 mi. North of Central Blowing Point
Ken's Pork -- Barbecue The Valley, Central Anguilla
Smokey's at the Cove (264) 497-6582 Barbecue 0.9 mi. Southeast of Central Meads Bay
The Half Shell (264) 333-8057 Comfort Food 0.6 mi. West-Southwest of Central Meads Bay

Guests often find that the best places to try any cuisine in Anguilla are the ones you casually come across while journeying to and from your hotel. However, you can't go wrong when you have a few favorites on the itinerary. To discover much more regarding the kinds of food awaiting you, check out this page.


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