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Restaurants serving Eclectic cuisine

If, on your travels, you know you're going to want some eclectic food, don't miss an opportunity to satisfy your hunger. Though not terribly plentiful, you can still find a couple of places in Anguilla within this category.

From the pleasant, very casual locale of Blanchards Beach Shack to the wonderful plates comprising dinner and lunch at Hibernia Restaurant and Art Gallery, you could encounter a dish that suits your taste - and budget.

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Before your trip begins, you can scan and read details about the small handful of eclectic places that you may be referred to during your stay. Click on one of the options to learn more about its location, ambiance, and more.

Blanchards Beach Shack

Meads Bay | (264) 497-6100

Blanchards Beach Shack can be found in Meads Bay, in Anguilla; three miles (four and a half kilometers) to the west of Blowing Point. Head on over to Meads Bay when you have a strong hankering for comfort food.

The pastel exterior of Blanchards Beach Shack lets you know right away that this is a restaurant located on a beach in the Caribbean. Surrounded by palm trees, umbrella-shielded tables, and of course, the beach, it doesn't get much more tropical than this.

Hibernia Restaurant and Art Gallery

Island Harbour | (264) 497-4290

Positioned on the eastern outskirts of Island Harbour, near East End, Hibernia Restaurant and Art Gallery is a logical choice worth considering if you're exploring this neighborhood or the surrounding area. It is 4.9 miles northeast of the Valley. Lovely, mild seafood and eclectic flavors are a great pair at this well-liked dining option.

Hibernia Restaurant is small, cozy and classy. The restaurant is airy and open and offers beautiful views of the sea. For a romantic change of pace, Hibernia is the place to be. During the summer of 2014, they completed some beautiful indoor and outdoor re-designing and up-grading of the setting, including a Balinese style water pool feature and enlarged the art gallery to three rooms. The overall experience is meant to be like going to a special place in a special semi-outdoor setting. The art gallery makes for a relaxing time in between courses or before and after dining to browse and enjoy the treasures they bring back from the Far East.

The art gallery specializes in contemporary Asian paintings, hand-made silver jewelry, Burmese antiques and miniature to giant stone sculptures that they purchase during our annual Asian travels.

If you need a ride, they offer a pick-up service from anywhere on the island at $25(USD) for two people, round trip. This must be reserved in advance.

Olde Caribe

Rendezvous Bay | (800) 583-9247

Olde Caribe is located at Anguilla Great House Beach Resort, and is a logical selection for you to consider if you're exploring this neighborhood. Blowing Point is one and a quarter miles (two kilometers) to the east. Fresh catches from and eclectic panache are made for each other at this relaxed favorite.


Sandy Ground Village | (264) 497-3380

Located near the center of Sandy Ground Village, Ripples is a viable choice for vacationers thinking about visiting this section of Anguilla. As an added bonus to eclectic food, this dining establishment makes Caribbean inspired cuisine, making it a great option for visitors who look forward to both of these styles.

Mostly seafood abounds and ripples but there's some great simple starters like a cheese quesadilla or thai salad.

Despite your dining plans, you may find the best places to try any cuisine in Anguilla are the ones that you find unexpectedly while out visiting attractions and tourist hubs. But, jotting down a handful of reliable-looking restaurants on a checklist, will prevent a desperate search for food. To read more regarding the types of food waiting for you, check out this page.


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