International Cuisine in Anguilla

Restaurants serving International cuisine

If you've got a hankering for International cuisine, you might have an opportunity to satisfy your hunger. You may be a bit limited in your options, but there are a couple of locations in Anguilla serving this type of food.

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With lots to tempt your palate, from the very casual attitude at The Place to the simple cafes whose top dishes will have you craving more, you might come across a dish that tempts your taste buds.

Take a moment to scan and read details about the small set of popular International places you'll have the chance to check out as you're out on the town. For each option that interests you, click the name to read the full article about its specialties, style, and what you can do nearby.

Ocean Echo

Meads Bay | (264) 498-5454

Ocean Echo is a logical choice for people who are going to check out this area of Anguilla. It's 3.1 miles west of Blowing Point. Not only is this restaurant famed for International goodies, which yes, includes seafood, but we shouldn't forget they're also known for putting out great tapas.

Open to the beach, but covered, the dining room of contemporary beach style furnishings and a relaxed vibe.

The Place

(246) 584-6501

The Place is a part of Rendezvous Bay Hotel & Villas, and is a logical choice for people thinking about visiting the island. If you're wondering, Blowing Point is three quarters of a mile (one and a quarter kilometers) to the east. As part of their panel of International food, this place is particularly known for its hamburgers and sandwiches.

Guests are encouraged to relax out on the beach chairs as they enjoy a drink from the bar.

Mosaic at CuisinArt

Rendezvous Bay | (264) 498-2000

Mosaic at CuisinArt, which is on the premises of CuisinArt Resort & Spa, is located in Rendezvous Bay, a neighborhood in Anguilla; 1.5 miles to the west of Blowing Point. As part of their panel of International food, this local spot boasts about their ice cream and pizza.

The central bar is decorated in a mosaic of blue shades, referencing the name throughout the decor.

Some of the most memorable foods in Anguilla are the ones you didn't expect to find yourself craving as you're out doing activities and seeing attractions. However, keeping the contact info for at least two interesting-sounding restaurants in your travel plans, means you'll have multiple alternatives, even in a pinch. To discover even more regarding the culinary options available to you, check out this page.


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