Scrub Island Beach

Found just off the eastern coast of Anguilla, Scrub Island is an uninhabited island that is fantastic for hikers and anyone up for an adventure. There are even legends of Spanish Shipwrecks and treasure somewhere on the island for a lucky hiker to find.

Located on Scrub Island, in the general vicinity of East End, this beach is nicely positioned on the coast. You should consider stopping by regardless of whether you are staying very close. This beach is not just a pleasant attraction, it's one of the rare "quiet" beaches in Anguilla. While Scrub Island Beach may be a little harder to reach, it's the best place to take an undisturbed nap on the sand.

How to Access The Beach

Anyone wanting to reach Scrub Island Beach will need to set up reservations with a local boat charter, or have access to their own sea vessel. Some ecotours also head out to the island, but they are likely to spend more time hiking inland than enjoying the beach.

Amenities and Ambiance

Despite the forested island, Scrub Island Beach itself is free of vegetation and rocks, granting visitors plenty of space to spread out among the soft sand. However, unlike some of the other islands around Anguilla, the beach does not continue all the way around, so to get to the other side you will need cut across Scrub Island.

Please note that public restrooms are not available. You will find the water here is clear enough for snorkeling, so bring your gear if you want to check out what lies beneath the surface.

If you like sunny days that offer those who visit a relaxing place to escape, then you may want to try Scrub Island Beach; it is back within a more rural sector of Scrub Island.

What's Nearby


The beach is wonderful, but the surrounding area has a lot to offer, too. Look for it on the South West coast of Scrub Island; it will be near other attractions like Heritage Museum Collection, which is one of the closest attractions.

If you're interested in learning more about the history of Anguilla, some of the nearby attractions offer a historical perspective of the country. One of the nearest historical attractions is Old Fort at Sandy Hill, which is one of the closest places of historical interest in the neighborhood of Scrub Island Beach.

Beaches are a great attraction to visit, but there's even more to see during your stay. The following chart includes some other attractions close-by.

Activities and Attractions Near Scrub Island Beach
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Heritage Museum Collection Museum 3.5 SW Anguilla
Art Cafe Art Gallery 3.7 WSW Anguilla
Anchor Miniature Golf Miniature Golf Course 3.9 WSW Anguilla
ALAK Art Gallery Art Gallery 5.7 WSW Anguilla
Old Fort at Sandy Hill Historical Site 6.1 SW Anguilla

Cities and Towns

Scrub Island Beach is in the the Valley area, so exploring the city is a convenient option. The nearby town of the Valley is a neat region that strikes a balance between island tranquility and urbanization. From the beach, the Valley is located roughly eight miles (12 and a half kilometers) away.


The mood here——social and lively, or virtually empty—— will be influenced by everything from the time of day to the capacity of nearby hotels. The area does not have very many large hotels, but you may meet visitors from some of the smaller accommodations in the area.

Though beach-goers won't find very many accommodations in the region, those options closest to Scrub Island Beach are shown in the table that follows.

Accommodations near Scrub Island Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Arawak Beach Inn 3.6 mi. WSW Hotel
Serenity Cottages 4.9 mi. WSW Cottages
Allamanda Beach Club 5.0 mi. WSW Hotel
Ku Hotel 5.3 mi. WSW Hotel


Don't worry if your stomach starts rumbling while sunbathing at Scrub Island Beach; you'll have your pick of different cuisines and dining styles nearby. One of the closest restaurants is Hibernia Restaurant and Art Gallery. The restaurant offers both Asian and eclectic dishes on the menu. They're also renowned for their seafood. It'll be found three miles away.

The table below provides a list of restaurants closest to this beach.

Restaurants near Scrub Island Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Hibernia Restaurant and Art Gallery (264) 497-4290 Asian, Eclectic, French Informal 3.0 mi. SW
Scilly Cay (264) 497-5123 Caribbean Very Casual 3.4 mi. WSW
Elite Beach Restaurant and Bar (264) 498-5178 Caribbean, Italian Very Casual 3.5 mi. SW
Falcon's Nest (264) 772-1127 American Very Casual 3.5 mi. SW
Arawak Cafe (264) 497-4888 Caribbean Very Casual 3.6 mi. WSW
Smitty's on the Beach (264) 497-4300 American, Caribbean -- -- --
Island Pub (264) 497-4244 Pub -- -- --
Le Bon Pain (264) 497-4090 American Very Casual 3.9 mi. WSW
Serenity Beach Resort Bar and Restaurant (264) 497-3328 Caribbean Informal 4.9 mi. WSW
Gwen's Reggae Grill (264) 497-2120 Caribbean Very Casual 5.0 mi. WSW
Zara's (264) 497-3229 Caribbean, Eclectic Informal 5.0 mi. WSW

Other Beaches

Visitors who are looking for the ideal beach on Scrub Island will have lots of options besides Scrub Island Beach.

Travelers who like this beach might also enjoy Island Harbour, located three and a half miles to the west-southwest. However, if that's not exactly what you're looking for, Captain's Bay offers more action, and is closer to nearby attractions. It's located two miles to the south west.

Vacationers may also want to visit Scilly Cay Beach, which is located three and a half miles to the west-southwest.

Anguilla has so much to offer, and Scrub Island Beach is just one of many incredible attractions you can choose from.


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