Shopping in Anguilla

If you are looking for a bargain, Anguilla may not be your first choice

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Gifts and Souvenirs

If you're looking for some souvenirs you should think about visiting Beach Happy, which is located in Maundays Bay, in western Anguilla. Beach Happy is open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you would like to call before making reservations, you can do so at (264) 582-4545.


A second possibility is Straw Hat Restaurant Shop, which is found 1.2 mi. (2.0 km) to the northeast of Beach Happy. Souvenirs are a great way to remember an enjoyable time in our lives. Straw Hat Restaurant offers t-shirts to commemorate your time in Meads Bay. You can contact them at (264) 497-8300.

A third place to consider is Sea Spray Gifts and Smoothies. Pamela, the friendly owner, offers her signature rum smoothies to make browsing the shop even more enjoyable. An additional $2 can get you a shot of rum in any flavor smoothie you order. For customers who want to call before you go, you can do so at (264) 235-1650.

Some gift and souvenir shops in Anguilla are provided here:

Gifts and Souvenirs On Anguilla
Name Phone Location
Beach Happy (264) 582-4545 1.3 mi. South West of Central Meads Bay
Sea Spray Gifts and Smoothies (264) 235-1650 North Hill Village, Central Anguilla
Straw Hat Restaurant Shop (264) 497-8300 0.1 mi. West-Southwest of Central Meads Bay

Specialty Shops

One of the popular specialty retailers in this area is Savannah Gallery. This shopping venue is located within central Anguilla. Paintings, engravings, and photography created by artists from Anguilla and neighboring islands is housed at Savannah Gallery, which also shows wood carvings and sculptures on occasion. They are situated on Coronation Avenue.

A second option is Devonish Art Gallery, which is located approximately six and a half miles (approximately ten and a half kilometers) to the west-southwest of Savannah Gallery. Housing a collection locally handcrafted wood carvings, stone and clay sculptors, and beaded jewelry, Devonish Art Gallery stands out for its display of antique maps. Among the most popularly sold items are the mahogany wood hearts and the ceramic blow fish. If you are looking to call before you go, you can do so at (264) 497-2949.

Loblolly Gallery: Loblolly Art Gallery is located within an adorable, 300-year-old yellow cottage full of historic value. This six artist co-op houses local creatives with varying styles for your viewing pleasure. You can contact them at 497-6006.

Many specialty shops in Anguilla are listed here:

Specialty Shops On Anguilla
Name Type Phone Location
Cheddie's Carving Studio Art Gallery (264) 497-6027 0.5 mi. East of Central Meads Bay
Devonish Art Gallery Art Gallery (264) 497-2949 0.9 mi. South West of Central Meads Bay
Diamonds International Jewelry Store -- Central Anguilla
L Bernbaum Art Gallery Art Gallery (264) 497-5211 Sandy Ground Village, Central Anguilla
Loblolly Gallery Art Gallery 497-6006 Central Anguilla
Savannah Gallery Art Gallery (264) 497-2263 Central Anguilla
Tackle Box Sports Centre Fishing Equipment and Tackle Shop (264) 497-2896 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla

Clothing and Apparel

Enjoy shopping for clothing? You might enjoy a visit to Limin Boutique -- it's located in western Anguilla. Owners Ken and Renee choose each piece of merchandise that they sell. They typically go for well-made beach wear and jewelry, as well as souvenirs. Find them on Main Road.

A second option is Petal's Boutique -- which is located less than a mile away from Limin Boutique. Both men and women can find what they're looking for in all their clothing and accessory needs among other delightful finds. Locally designed pieces will entice you with their unique look and authenticity. If you have questions and want to call ahead of time, do so at (264) 497-6442.

A third option for clothing is Irie Life. Quality t-shirts for all members of the family in island prints and bright colors, back packs, purses, jewelry, art, collectable, and more made by real Caribbean artists are all available at this vivacious little shop. If you're looking to call in advance, do so at (264) 497-6526.

Many of the apparel shops in Anguilla are provided down below.

Clothing and Apparel On Anguilla
Name Type Phone Location
Ashani's Shoe Box Shoe Store (264) 497-0864 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Beach'N Stuff Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store (264) 498-3224 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Irie Life General Clothing Store (264) 497-6526 0.9 mi. North of Central Blowing Point
Janvel's Boutique Boutique (264) 497-2221 Blowing Point, Southwestern part of Anguilla
Kimmey's Fashion Boutique General Clothing Store (264) 497-3876 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Limin Boutique Boutique (264) 53-3733 0.5 mi. East of Central Meads Bay
Petal's Boutique Boutique (264) 497-6442 0.1 mi. South West of Central Meads Bay

Food and Grocery

Want to check out some local food offerings? Mary's Bakery is located in Stoney Ground, in central Anguilla. Quite an array of baked goods is available at Mary's from Caribbean favorites like fruit turnovers and potato pudding, to pastries and breads, and even a nice selection of desserts. They also sell sandwiches both cold and hot, homemade rotis, and soups. If you have questions and want to call before you go, do so at (264) 497-2318.

Another option is Best Buy Supermarket, which is located 1.9 mi. (3.1 km) away from Mary's Bakery. The store operates between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. They are situated on The Long Road.

Take a look at the following chart to learn more.

Food and Grocery Stores On Anguilla
Name Type Phone Location
Albert Marketplace Grocery Store (264) 497-2240 The Quarter, Central Anguilla
Ashley's & Son's the Valley Grocery Store (264) 497-2641 The Valley, Central Anguilla
Best Buy Supermarket Grocery Store (264) 497-4444 1.7 mi. South West of Central East End
Bryan & Sons Grocery Store Grocery Store (264) 497-5427 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Food Ninety-Five Grocery Store (264) 497-6196 1.0 mi. South West of Central Meads Bay
Hungry's Fish Depot Fish and Seafood Market (264) 498-5041 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Les Grandes Vins De France Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store -- 1.1 mi. Northwest of Central Blowing Point
Mary's Bakery Bakery (264) 497-2318 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Merchant's Market Grocery Store (264) 497-5533 The Valley, Central Anguilla
Mini Lisa Bath & Body Nutrition and Body Care Store (264) 498-7377 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla
Proctor's Market Grocery Store (264) 497-2445 The Valley, Central Anguilla
Yellow Banana Grocery Store (264) 497-2626 Stoney Ground, Central Anguilla

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