Taxis in Anguilla

Taxis provide transportation and guided tours for your island getaway

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Catching a cab is a good way to see the island of Anguilla. Taxi drivers can be both your driver and your island tour guide. Once you get to Anguilla you should be able to find a cab with relative ease, as they meet all incoming flights. Unlike many other islands in the Caribbean, Anguilla's roads are in fairly good condition, so you won't experience as many bumps and potholes.


Premier Taxi & Tours is the only taxi service for which we have detailed info. You can plan on calling them at (264) 497-0515; you'll find them in the heart of Anguilla.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Although cab fares on Anguilla are based on set rates, and the official fares are published in annual tourist guides, cab fares are unmetered. Therefore, it is wise to confirm the price of the ride with the driver before setting out on your journey. If you're traveling with a lot of luggage or need to make additional stops, inquire about additional charges. There is generally a $0.50(USD) surcharge per bag for more than two bags. Passengers must pay the cab fare in cash. Both U.S. dollars and Eastern Caribbean dollars are acceptable forms of payment. Two-hour island tours start at about $40(USD) for one or two people, with an additional $5(USD) charge for each additional passenger up to a maximum of six people.

The following charts show some of the average fares from several destinations around the island, including the airport and popular accommodations. Traveling in the island's more remote locations may incur extra costs.

Taxi Rates from Blowing Point Ferry
DestinationRates (in U.S. dollars)
Alamanda $16.00
Blue Waters $20.00
Frangipani Hotel $18.00
Inter Island Hotel $8.00
Mariners/Sandy Ground $12.00
North Hill $11.00
Pond Ground $18.00
Sea Rocks $22.00
Skiffles Villas $10.00
Serenity Restaurant $16.00
Cinnamon Reef Hotel $14.00
Sea Horse Apt. $8.00
Taxi Rates from Airport
DestinationRates (in U.S. dollars)
Blowing Point Cove $14.00
Alamanda $13.00
B/P Beach Apts. $12.00
Sonesta $20.00
Cap Juluca Hotel $20.00
Caribella Hotel $20.00
Casa Nadine $6.00
Carimar Hotel $16.00
Cocolobo Hotel $18.00
Cul-De-Sac $14.00
Corito Hotel $10.00
Emerald Estate $10.00
Sea Feathers $12.00
Roys Restaurant $8.00

Remember that if you are traveling with a small child you will have to bring your own car or booster seat, as the taxi service will not provide one for you. Also, tips are greatly appreciated, usually around fifteen percent of the fare.

If getting around Anguilla by taxi is not your first option for transportation, there are plenty of other options out there. Most people, especially families vacationing on the island, end up renting a car during their stay. This is without question the most efficient method if you feel confident navigating unfamiliar roads on your own. Catching a bus is unfortunately not an option, though large parties certainly have the opportunity to hire a small bus to drive them around. If you are traveling solo or with another adult, you may want to take the time to consider getting around by bike or moped. Learn how to do so by clicking here.

Traveling by taxi is a popular way to traverse this tropical island. Hailing a cab is just as easy as finding one, so leave the driving to someone else as you enjoy the beauty and adventure of Anguilla.


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