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From luxurious to quaint, Antigua has lodgings for all your accommodation needs

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Whether you seek lodgings that provide luxury and are close to exciting nightlife, or you desire smaller, more romantic accommodations, the islands of Antigua and Barbuda have you covered. There are over 100 hotels and dozens of rental villas on the islands, making it easy to fit every traveler's needs.

By following the following link, you will find an alphabetical listing of Antigua's hotels and resorts. From there, you can find out more information about each property by clicking on the name of the hotel. If you are unsure about where you would like to stay, the amenities or services offered by a particular hotel or resort can be a major selling point. For this reason, you can choose to sort hotels grouped by a number of options, including by Star Ratings, by Best Hotels for Dining Options, Best Hotels for Entertainment and Nightlife, Best Hotels for Family Vacations, and more. Each of these sections can assist you in finding the perfect accommodations for your island getaway.


Accommodations Map

Location plays an important role when considering accommodations on the island. If you don't mind crowds, the northwest part of Antigua would be the ideal place to stay. Breath-taking beaches and extravagant hotels and resorts can be found on this part of the island.

St. Johns is the largest city on the island, and business travelers will often choose a hotel in the St. Johns area because it is closest to the country's business sector, and the hotels in the area cater to this type of traveler.

Just north of St. Johns, on the northwest tip of Antigua is Dickenson Bay, where the watersports enthusiasts will find the best lodgings options for them. Many of the hotels in this area are situated right along the shore, and include watersports equipment in their room price.

Vacationers who are interested in history will find many historic sites and landmarks within easy reach when they stay in English Harbour, while Jolly Harbour is a great locale for those who want to be near a good number of restaurants and shopping centers. There are a variety of lodging options in this area, from hotels to villas.

Take caution when you book your stay through an on-line travel service. Often times, in order to get the traveler's attention, hotels will list themselves as being located in a large city, when in fact they are several miles away from said location. Confirm the location of the hotels you are considering by visiting their official web site, or calling the hotel itself.

To learn more about the layout of Antigua and Barbuda, visit our Map of Antigua, which not only provides you with an image of the country, but details about the best regions for various activities, transportation, and more.


Admiral's Inn

Guests will find multiple hotel types to pick from on the island, including tons of hotels and plenty of resorts. Guests looking to enjoy an active bar scene will encounter just that at plenty hotels around Antigua. Read additional details on each place by clicking the names.

A popular vacation destination which has on-site recreation is Grand Royal Antiguan Beach Resort. Live it up during your Antigua vacation, and stay at a locale that is fun as well as accommodating. Grand Royal Antiguan Beach Resort is a high rise located right in the thick of things. Visitors can reach them at (268) 462-3733.

A destination on the ocean that is worth considering is Carlisle Bay. Every unit features a terrace or balcony, for relaxing and enjoyment of the sprawling ocean views. Whether you're staying in an ocean suite, beach suite, or garden or Carlisle suite, the amenities are plentiful: satellite TV, WiFi, espresso machine, air conditioning and ceiling fans. Visitors will be able to find them on Old Road.

Travelers who are in search of convenient on-location dining opportunities should check out Blue Waters Hotel. The family-owned Blue Waters Caribbean Resort has been established on Antigua for many years and understands the importance of a relaxing St. John's vacation. The hospitable staff, superior location, and ample modern amenities all combine to create an environment perfect for any traveler. If you have questions, try calling them at (268) 462-0290.

Of course, you'll find plenty of additional choices. You can read this article about more available hotels if you want to discover better information.

Condos and Villa Complexes

Tamarind Hills

There are non-hotel accommodation options on the island, including a few condos and a large variety of villa complexes. Beach-goers can generally expect to enjoy convenient access to the beach, as a lot of the properties are right on the shore.

Tennis enthusiasts and their families will like the idea of staying at Antigua Village Condominium, as they offer some good tennis facilities. The 'Owner's Club' at Antigua Village is a luxury resort offering premium service and a variety of delightful island accommodations, from elegant studious and suites to private villas. The private resort environment provides guests with an upscale retreat bathed in luxury without any restrictions. If you want to call before you go, do so at (268) 462-2930.

A destination on the coast worth considering is Tamarind Hills. A stay at this villa complex means luxury accommodations, views of the island's west coast, and fun times relaxing on the beach which has its very own boardwalk. Guests can reach them at (268) 736-4028.

Casa Lidia is another property to consider. The property's 10 bedrooms are split into one, four bedroom villa with a view of the Dockyard, two Mediterranean-style apartments, and four Asian-style cottages. The property was realized from fine materials from around the globe that are at once solid and tropical. Call them at (268) 560-2272.

Needless to say, you can find additional villa complexes and condos. To find out more about on the island, click this link.

Individual Villas

Some prefer the privacy offered by one of the individual rental properties. Navigate to this page about the individual property rentals on Antigua if you'd like to find out additional specifics.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

St. James's Club

Some people seek the added certainty of paying for everything on a single bill. There are several explanations why this pricing method is popular. For instance, they eliminate the need to figure out what everything is going to cost.

Avid tennis players often enjoy booking their stay at St. James's Club, as they offer some good tennis facilities. Stay in unsurpassed luxury on the hotel's property, which is situated on a private 100-acre peninsula on Antigua's southeast coast, with more than enough activities to fill your slow island days. If you want to call before making reservations, you can do so at (268) 460-5000.

A destination positioned on the ocean that merits your consideration is Jolly Beach Resort & Spa. Jolly Harbour Beach Resort, Marina and Golf Club offers seclusion and affordability to guests on Antigua's west coast, with its small number of spacious guest accommodations and hospitable staff at this peaceful community on the beach. The resort's wide array of modern amenities and facilities give vacationers the choice to partake in an assortment of activities on the property including the Karl Litten designed Jolly Harbour Golf Course, where beginners and pros can play side by side. If you have questions, try calling them at (268) 462-3085.

You can learn more about all-inclusive properties here.


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