Best Accommodations for Dining in Antigua

Hotels in Antigua Known for Great Dining

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For many travelers, eating the local food is a vital part of a great vacation experience. Thankfully, in Antigua you'll never run out of tempting dining options. There, chefs claim to be inspired by local culinary styles, as well as those from nearby islands.

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The hotels listed on this page are great options if you consider food as important as anything else. Some of these top picks have amazing on-site restaurant selection, and others are situated in neighborhoods with tons of off-property options.

Antigua's Best Hotels for Dining Options

You'll probably find yourself eating a lot of meals at your hotel, even if you intend to try many of the local restaurants. That may mean narrowing your search to properties that have high-rated and plentiful food and beverage amenities. Eating on-site means days are free of stress and extra travel. The food being world-class is a bonus, attracting guests from other hotels as well as local residents.

The properties below were ranked based on a few factors, such as the convenience factor of their nearby dining and of course their full service restaurants.

Properties in Antigua for Excellent Dining
Property Location Snack Bar Room Service
Heritage Hotel Redcliffe Quay check
City View Hotel Downtown St. John's check
Inn At English Harbour English Harbour
The Copper & Lumber Store Hotel English Harbour
Admiral's Inn English Harbour

Our top ranking property, for being so creative and delicious, is Heritage Hotel, which means food lovers staying within reach of the hotel should expect an over-the-top selection. <p>Set on the fourth floor of the hotel is Flamboyarge Restaurant, a cozy spot which serves a varied menu of Caribbean, Asian, and International fare.</p>

If one of these hotels or resorts catches your eye, click its name and you'll be led to comprehensive articles about that property — because even if you love their on-site dining, there's so much more to consider.

Antigua's Best Hotels for Nearby Dining

You may also want to consider the number of restaurants in close proximity to your hotel. Even if you love the food at your hotel, you shouldn't exclude the possibility of trying restaurants around the neighborhood, particularly if your visit is for more than a few days.

Below you'll find hotels ranked by their proximity to clusters of local restaurants.

Best Properties in Antigua for Off-Site Dining
Property Location
The Ocean Inn English Harbour
Buccaneer Beach Club Dickenson Bay
Villas at Sunset Lane 0.3 mi. Southeast of Dickenson Bay
Dickenson Bay Cottages 0.2 mi. East of Dickenson Bay
Serendipity Cottages St. John's

Bear in mind that some of Antigua's most popular restaurants are located inside hotels, so your most memorable dining experience may occur at a hotel down the road from where you're staying. Click on any of these hotels, and you'll find pages filled with photos and descriptions, as well as the type of food found in the neighborhood.


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