The Best Accommodations for Nightlife in Antigua

Enjoy Nighttime Entertainment at Many Hotels in Antigua

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Antigua is perhaps best known for its soothing views of the water and mild climate, but like all destinations in the region, they have their own brand of nightlife too. Whether you prefer a funky spot where locals flock or a spot to hear local music, you won't run out of things to do in the evening, particularly if you choose a property where entertainment and lounges are first-rate amenities.

Accommodations Map

The properties listed here are some of the best options if you want to experience the dancing, music, and cocktails of Antigua's nightlife scene. Some are better for guests who prefer not to go off-site for nightlife options, while others are in particularly good locations for hopping to nearby venues.

Best Hotels in Antigua for Nightlife

Each of the properties in the list below are rated as having highly rated nightlife and entertainment, or for their locations in entertainment and nightlife hotspots. Starting with the Jolly Beach Resort & Spa, the best are listed first; their ratings take into account a number of factors, including their venues, their variety, and more on the properties and nearby.

Since the availability of live performances is a deciding factor for some, availability of entertainment at the hotels is shown below. Bear in mind, however, that hotels in Antigua tend to host entertainment more frequently during the tourist season, so be sure to call or email the property for their schedule if it's important to you.

Best Overall
Property Location Number of Bars Lounge/Club Live Entertainment
Jolly Beach Resort & Spa Jolly Harbour 6 check check
Grand Royal Antiguan Beach Resort Five Islands 4 check check
St. James's Club Mamora Bay 4 check check
Rex Resorts Halcyon Cove Dickenson Bay 4 check check
Galley Bay Five Islands 4 check check
Sandals Antigua Caribbean Village & Spa Dickenson Bay 6 check check

By clicking the name of any listed hotel you'll be led to pages of information about that property, including photos and descriptions. Each of these accommodation options has a different idea about what it takes to relax and let loose. Our informative hotel guides can help you get a better feeling for what each setting is like.

Hotels in Antigua with Notable Nearby Nightlife

After the sun goes down and daytime fun ends, you might appreciate a hotel or resort that's in the vicinity of many after-dark hotspots. Though these properties may not have a lot of their own nightlife options to offer, they make great choices if you want to try nearby activities. So if you could see yourself exploring local bars or kicking it on the dance floor, these properties are within a short walk or quick drive of several choices.

Click to preview the nightlife options at the hotels and resorts below, and other places of interest found near them, like restaurants, beaches, and attractions.

Best for Nearby Nightlife
Property Location Accommodation Type Bars Within Walking Distance Bars Within Short Driving Distance
Verandah Resort And Spa 1.3 mi. East of Willikies Hotel 6 7
Blue Waters Hotel Cedar Grove Hotel 3 19
Jumby Bay Long Island Hotel 2 3
Hawksbill Beach Resort Five Islands Resort 4 8
Curtain Bluff 4.4 mi. West of Falmouth Harbour Resort 2 5
Pineapple Beach Club 0.9 mi. Northeast of Willikies Resort 6 7

When planning your adventures, please visit another section of the guide to learn about Antigua, and other topics. All things considered, your vacation will consist of much more than just sipping cocktails or unwinding at local bars. You'll also want to choose a hotel that offers just the right mix of amenities, and a balance between price and quality.


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