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Sister islands Antigua and Barbuda provide vacationers with twice as many reasons to visit

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The islands of Antigua and Barbuda offer two completely different vacation experiences for visitors. Fortunately, this means that travelers will be able to choose the style that's perfect for them, be it modern and convenient or low-key and secluded.

Most people who visit Antigua find it to be a perfect blend of Caribbean beauty and modern comfort. It's also a great place for travelers with a variety of interests – more than 300 world-class beaches surround the island, protecting an interior dotted with nature preserves, historical sites, and unique island culture. Vacationers looking to get a real feel for the island will find no shortage of attractions to keep them busy.


Green Island Beach

You will discover several beaches to consider on the island. Whether you prefer being around other people, or you enjoy relaxing in a secluded area, you can find what you want. You can click on the beach names for more information concerning that part of the coast.

If you like snorkeling, a beach providing that option is Green Island Beach. This island is a popular stop for many sea charter boats and tours. There are a few strips of velvet soft white sand with a backdrop of lush foliage.

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Another good option for visitors who enjoy snorkeling is Runaway Beach. Runaway Beach has calm waters for swimming and a beach bar where you can grab a beer. Its spotted with hotels, but usually not too crowded.

Galleon Beach: This beach is inland on the coast of Deep Bay. The water has a lot of boat traffic and the beach has some boat docks as well.

These examples are just a sample of the options worth consideration To read a more detailed discussion of this topic, read this page.

Landmark Attractions

The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda

A common landmark for vacationers is The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. It is located within downtown St. John's. Puruse this museum and discover the fascinating history of Antigua, from before European settlements to cultural experiences today. It may provide you with a new lens with which to view this tropical paradise.

Another landmark that often intrigues visitors is Dockyard Museum. It is a part of Nelson's Dockyard National Park and English Harbour, in southern Antigua. Originally built in 1855, Nelson's Dockyard served as the officer's quarters in the Royal Navy Dockyard. The building was restored and used as the National Parks Office in the 1970s, but by 1997 the rooms were once again restructured and put to use as the Dockyard Museum.

Admiral House: As visitors explore the museum, they will come across artifacts that all have a story to tell, including some personal possessions of Admiral Horatio Nelson, one of the most influential Naval officers in British history, and namesake of the Dockyard.

That's not all -- you can find a selection of other sites to visit. You can get more information concerning other interesting places to visit on the island on this page.

Natural Attractions

Nelson's Dockyard National Park

Travelers who like the open air are likely to have a good time at Nelson's Dockyard National Park. <p>Nelson's Dackyard is more than just a national park. It is also is a historical site and commercial center that attracts visitors from around the world, who spend time exploring the many museums, forts, and ruins along with boutiques, small cafes, and gift shops. For a peaceful afternoon, take some time to walk around the marina and enjoy sun, the water and the boats.</p>

Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour is another local attraction that you might enjoy. <p>Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour is a unique way to view the rainforest of Antigua. On one of nine zip-lines or two canopy bridges you can experience a fully guided and exhilarating tour of some of the most beautiful land on the island.</p>

Fortunately, you can find some other choices. To read a more detailed discussion of this topic, read this guide.


Antigua Casinos

Ready for some action? Guests wanting to test their luck on the slots have several places to go on the island.

Grand Bay Casino is Dickenson Bay, in northwestern Antigua. Come play at one of the largest Casinos on Antigua. Grand Bay Casino has all of the popular games like poker and blackjack, and then some of the more rare ones.

If you enjoy the simplicity of playing the slots, consider giving King's Casino a try. King's Casino has been keeping vacationers in Antigua entertained since 1988, and is considered to be the most popular casino on the island. The casino is located in downtown St. John's, Antigua at Heritage Quay, and features hundreds of slot machines as well as a few live table games.

Paradise Casino: Located on Lower Market Street on St. John's, Paradise Casino is your typical Caribbean casino, located in a well-lit space with slot machines set up in neat little rows, and courteous dealers manning the table games.

These are only a few of what you can find. Navigate here to find our page regarding gaming on Antigua.

From plants and animals to military fortifications, there are a number of great attractions waiting for you on the islands of Antigua and Barbuda. Decide which options fit your interests and vacation style and then get busy soaking up the beauty and culture of two of the most enjoyable destinations in the Caribbean.


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