Cades Bay Beach

As part of a marine reserve, Cades Bay is protected from a lot of maritime traffic, granting visitors unobstructed views of the large expanse of the ocean, save perhaps an isolated sail boat passing by.

Located on the island of Antigua, near St. John's, You might want to drop by even if you aren't staying in the immediate vicinity. Cades Bay Beach is a distinguishable relaxation spot because it's perfect for escaping the typical tourist haunts. Most other beaches in Antigua may have the same warm sand and calming breezes as Cades Bay Beach, but tend to be more crowded since they're right in the thick of tourists' favorite hangouts.

How to Access The Beach
Guests looking for Cades Bay will need to travel along Old Road, the main coastal road in the south. As you are passing the area known as Cades Bay, you will need to look out for dirt roads taking you further south to the water.

Amenities and Ambiance

With a sand bar a ways out, Cades Bay Beach is very calm, with the waters gently flowing onto the shore rather than crashing in a wave.

Keep in mind that restrooms won't be found on-site, so if you're visiting with small children you might want to consider a different location.

If you tend to favor beaches which offer those who visit a relaxing enclave, then you will want to try Cades Bay Beach; it's located in a less urban part of Antigua.

What's Nearby


This spot is on the South coast of Antigua; the area is home to other attractions such as Fig Tree Studio Art Gallery, which is one of the most conveniently accessible attractions.

If you want to mix culture with your visit to the beach, you should consider a trip to Admiral House. This museum is located six and a half miles away, giving beachgoers the chance to escape that hot midday sunshine.

Beaches are nice for a few hours here and there, but there's plenty else to see during your stay. The following table contains attractions that are the closest.

Activities and Attractions Near Cades Bay Beach
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Fig Tree Studio Art Gallery Art Gallery 2.8 mi. ENE Antigua
Greencastle Hill Park Historical Site 3.6 mi. N Antigua
Jolly Harbour Golf Course Golf Course 3.6 mi. NNW Antigua
Taino's & Millennium Galleries Art Gallery 3.6 mi. NNW Antigua
Sweets Windmill Ruins Historical Site 3.8 mi. NE Antigua
Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour Zip Line Site 4.5 mi. ENE Antigua
Monk's Hill Park Park 5.6 mi. E Antigua
Shell Shot Photographers and Photographic Portrait Studios 5.9 mi. E Antigua
Nelson's Ruins West Historical Site 6.1 mi. E Antigua
Nelson's Ruins Northeast Historical Site 6.2 mi. E Antigua
Nelson's Ruins Southeast Historical Site 6.2 mi. E Antigua
Rhythm Of Blue Art Gallery Art Gallery 6.3 mi. E Antigua

Cities and Towns

The nearby town of Jolly Harbour is not lacking in exploration opportunities, yet also not overflowing with buildings. From the shore, Jolly Harbour is just up the road, roughly three and a half miles (six kilometers).


The number of other people sharing spots in the sand can vary widely, it depends on many factors: the time of sundown, happy hour, even how many people have booked nearby hotels. There aren't many major hotels nearby, but it's sometimes enjoyed by guests from some of the area's smaller options.

Beach-goers looking for a hotel room not far from the beach shouldn't find it very difficult, as there are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from nearby. Find the closest, most convenient lodging options by viewing those shown below.

Accommodations near Cades Bay Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Curtain Bluff 1.3 mi. ESE Resort
Carlisle Bay 1.8 mi. E Resort
Keyonna Beach Resort 2.3 mi. WNW Hotel
Sugar Ridge Resort Limited 2.9 mi. NW Hotel
Cocobay Resort 3.1 mi. NW Resort
Cocos 3.2 mi. NW Hotel
Jolly Beach Resort & Spa 3.4 mi. NW Resort
Tranquility Bay 3.6 mi. NW Hotel
Hermitage Bay 4.8 mi. NNW Resort
The Catamaran Hotel 5.5 mi. E Hotel


If someone in your group starts to get a little hungry at the beach, it's alright because there are lots of nearby options when it comes to dining. One of the closest restaurants is The Sea Grape. The restaurant has Italian cuisine. Many guests rave about their pasta. Some guests will choose to take a cab here, while others will want to walk since it's not far off the beach at all.

The following table lists restaurants closest to this beach.

Restaurants near Cades Bay Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
The Sea Grape -- Italian Informal 1.3 mi. ESE
The Tamarind Tree -- Eclectic Informal 1.3 mi. ESE
OJ's Bar and Restaurant (268) 460-1084 Bar and grill -- 1.6 mi. W
East (268) 484-0000 Fusion, Japanese, Pan Asian / Pacific Rim, Thai Informal 1.8 mi. E
Indigo on the Beach (268) 484-0000 Caribbean Informal 1.8 mi. E
Ottimo! (268) 484-0000 Italian Very Casual 1.8 mi. E
Turner's Beach Grill (268) 462-9133 Caribbean, International -- 2.0 mi. W
Gibsons (268) 562-2218 English, International -- 2.2 mi. WNW
Keyonna Beach Restaurant (268) 764-2133 Caribbean, International Very Casual 2.3 mi. WNW
Jacqui O's BeachHouse (268) 562-2218 French Informal 2.3 mi. WNW
Darkwood Beach Bar (268) 462-8240 Caribbean -- 2.7 mi. NW
Carmichael's (268) 562-7700 ext. 329 Caribbean -- 2.9 mi. NW

Other Beaches

There are other beaches in Antigua you might like besides Cades Bay Beach.

If you like the ambiance at this beach, you might also like Carlisle Bay East, another area that offers plenty of time for relaxation. Carlisle Bay is a secluded ocean oasis for travelers seeking a quiet and private vacation experience. Snorkeling is fabulous at this beach and the locals are friendly. Though there aren't many activities, the pristine beach and warm Caribbean waters are all you need for a tranquil Antiguan vacation. If you're on the lookout for more active and social, you might like Darkwood Beach. It's found two and a half miles to the northwest.

You might also want to visit Morris Bay, which is located only a short distance away.

There are countless experiences to enjoy in Antigua, and paying a visit to Cades Bay Beach is just one way you can spend your afternoon.


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