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Local casinos offer gambling, dining and more

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Gambling is a favorite pastime for many travelers. It offers the thrill of chancing fate combined with endless entertainment. Although several of the local casinos have shut down, luckily for vacationers, Antigua is still home to one of the best casinos in the Caribbean. While a few smaller facilities are available throughout the island, the top casino in Antigua is King's Casino.

Where to Find Gambling

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In the mood for some action? Guests hoping to test their luck on the slots can find lots of opportunities to do so. To learn more, try clicking the name.

Paradise Casino is located within Redcliffe Quay, Antigua. Paradise Casino features a collection of state-of-the-art slot machines as well as Black Jack and Caribbean Stud Poker out on the floor.

Royal Antiguan offers a night club on site which adds to the ambiance. Guests can get in a bit of light gaming when they stay at the Grand Royal Antiguan Beach Resort. Set just off The Club, the facility here is small and offers a collection of electronic games and slots.

Asot's Arcade: For many people, their favorite part of spending an evening at a casino is playing the slots. If this is true of you, you'll love Ascot's Arcade Jackpot Casino Slots on St. John, Antigua.

The gaming choices available can be seen here:

Gambling On Antigua
Name Type Located At Phone Location
Asot's Arcade Slot Machine Arcade -- (268) 462-2359 Downtown St. John's
Grand Bay Casino Casino -- (268) 562-9900 2.5 mi. North of Central St. John's
King's Casino Casino Heritage Quay Shopping Center (268) 462-1727 Downtown St. John's
Paradise Casino Casino -- (264) 562-1728 Downtown St. John's
Royal Antiguan Gambling Arcade Grand Royal Antiguan Beach Resort (268) 462-3733 2.6 mi. West of Central St. John's

Of course, you will find a nice selection of kinds attractions available. For a more thorough discussion of other attractions, see this page.

Whether you're seeking an enormous gambling facility that houses more than just a casino or a modest location to test your luck at a slot machine, the offerings on the island of Antigua provide an option for every traveler's taste. From the King's Casino to the smaller gambling options at the Royal Antiguan, the casinos on this tropical island are sure to please.


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