All About Crime in Antigua

Avoid crime by taking minor precautions while traveling in Antigua

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Crime in Antigua

Visitors to Antigua do not generally regard crime as a dominant concern. Taking common sense precautions, however, can help prevent international travelers from becoming victims during their vacation.

While violent crimes against tourists in the Caribbean remain rare, petty theft is a concern for vacationers. By taking the same kind of precautions you would take in any major urban area or unfamiliar place, you can significantly reduce your risk of falling victim to such crimes.

Areas of Concern


The streets of St. John's empty at night, and it is wise to avoid walking through dark, unfamiliar, and unpopulated areas. Regardless of the area, it is always wise to be accompanied by others in a city at night. Also, avoid going to secluded or deserted beaches completely alone, as these areas are not monitored by lifeguards.

Taking Steps

Travelers should take these precautions to avoid being victims of theft:

  • Avoid wearing money belts or behaving in a way that singles you out as a tourist.

  • Keep cash, credit cards, and passports in separate and well-concealed locations. Be watchful when removing these items.

  • Do not leave possessions on display or unattended in a rented car, on the beach, or in your hotel and hotel balcony. Keep valuables in hotel safes and do not bring precious valuable to the beach if you plan to swim or spend a lot of time in the water.

  • Do not flaunt expensive items in public.



Organization Contact Information
United States Consulate Bluff House, Pigeon Point, English Harbour

Travelers may register with the embassy in Bridgetown, Barbados:
British High Commission 11 Old Parnham Rd., St. John's
Emergencies 999 or 911
Police St. John's: 268-462-0125
English Harbour, Nelson's Dockyard: 268-460-1002
Bolans, Jolly Harbour: 268-462-1080


Travelers can also read about general travel advice for the Caribbean by visiting The Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Antigua is still relatively crime-free. By taking steps you would take in any major U.S. city or unfamiliar place abroad, most travelers will never have a problem with crime.


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