Outlets and Voltage in Antigua

Travelers may need converters or adapters to tap into Antigua's electrical service

Photo credit: © Xaoc | Dreamstime.com

Antigua Electricity

When visiting Antigua, electrical compatibility depends on which area of the island you visit.

Antigua's electricity is largely 220V on 60 cycles, while some areas and hotels provide 110V on 60 cycles, or both. United States two-pin sockets are dominant, though some hotels may have three-pin sockets. Small appliances are usually usable, although transformers, adapters, or converters may be necessary.


When traveling to Antigua, try to pack appliances that allow for dual voltages or call ahead to where you will be staying to learn the specifics concerning electricity. Hotels may have some small appliances available for use by their guests.

Vacationers should plan on bringing plug adapters or converters if they are staying in areas that have differing voltages or only two or three-pin sockets. Travelers may also wish to ask hotels about electricity needs or concerns for any larger appliances they may plan on using. The resistor-network converters will support approximately 50 to1,600 watts and support high-wattage appliances such as hair dryers and irons.

A simple phone call to your hotel should give you a good idea of what you need to plan to bring in order to use needed appliances. Travelers should generally need only a small adapter to be able to use most of their equipment in Antigua.

Electricity is important for several items travelers can't live without, so call ahead when planning your journey to Antigua.


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